24 December 2014

Hair Down.

I thought for a very long time how I was going to end this year. 

Knowing me, I need to have like a plan ahead of me so that I can start to picture how it goes and stuff. Everything has to be properly planned out or at least I need to know what kind of food  I will be eating. Food makes me happy.

Anyways, this has been a real struggle believe it or not. When I can't seem to get the plans planned out properly or things like that, I allow it to get at me and it will makes me so annoyed. To the point I just wanna go to a corner and sulk.

So, the fourth quarter of this year I made a decision to work on it. Hah. Like battling with alcoholism or something. 

I kept telling myself to let loose and allow myself to do spontaneous things. Random and out of the blue kind. To for once not plan anything, control the flow and making sure everything goes well.

To let down my hair and do as per the moment. 

It hasn't been easy obviously, but I enjoy myself even more in a very different way. It still gets me on my nerves sometimes but it's been a fun ride.

A roller-coaster is only fun when it goes up and falls down suddenly right? Okay, maybe not so much. Heh.

Blessed Christmas Eve, everyone.