19 December 2014

Home Sweet Home.

I'm finally back to the island! 

I was away for the whole week but not very far from Penang. Just about an hour's drive.

Wah, I definitely miss updating this space and no need to say also everyone knows that our food-blog is even quiter. Coming soon, I promise!

That great feeling when I step foot into the wooden floor in my house, the smell of my room and hearing mom's and Kelly's voice.

The only reason why I decided to post up a quick post now is because I'm trying to keep myself awake till dinner time.

Mom called earlier and said, "Tonight you have dinner with us okay? We go makan Daorae!"

Mom knows best I tell you.

She knows that everytime when she calls me and tells me what we were going to eat or what kind of food is waiting for me at home, it will immediately made up my day and suddenly my energy is boosted from the Emergency-Last-Minute-Needed-Tank. 

So, after dinner tonight confirm I will be like a dead log on my most comfortable bed!

Yay to korean food tonight. I can't wait. I'm so hungry now I could eat up the entire pig :)

Ohh so I was saying that my whole week was spent with a group of young people, about 80 of us doing the usual things we do in AYC. More on that next time :)

Okay, time for dins dins.

Side note: I am so into temporary tattoos now. Cheap and can always change style. ANOTHER ONLINE SHOPPING TRAP! GREAT.