02 December 2014

AYC Fast & Prayer 2014.

Last year, I didn't manage to get any annual leave to go for the yearly Fast & Prayer so this year, I made sure I reserved some.

There were only 15 of us this year, making our way up to Bethel House of Prayer. The least compared to previous years I think.

However, I do think that this year's was one of the most fun ones that I've ever been to.

I love how we are all closely together at all times. There weren't any time where we were separated into different corners and having our own 'group' sessions. Okay, except prayer time lah.

We were all either at the porch outside sharing our junk food when we break the fast because dinner was only served one hour later, or around the dining table during meal times and laughing at someone (most of the time it was Chrissy a.k.a. Ben!).

Fun times. It was one of the occasions where I laughed so hard in the span of two days. 

Also, we had spontaneous mash ups with worship songs and it went on non-stop for a good 40 minutes which felt like 15 minutes. No worship leaders, no pointers. BEST ONE EVER.

Even when the G-string (on the guitar!) broke, we didn't stop. Heh.


laughed non-stop
played mafia
pranked Sheryl twice
ate a lot of junk food
laughed again
prayed for Lester (he got bitten by a 1-feet-long bright pinkish red centipede on the way up. He's a lot better now and resting. SPEEDY RECOVERY, LESTER!)
'tried' to cook 30 eggs.


Such a needed short getaway :)