11 December 2014

Rainbow Run 2014.

Months ago, Jack asked us if we wanted to join for Colour Run this year. They had one in KL and it looked fun so we were like, "Why not?"

When we agreed, we obviously didn't know it was going to cost so much. RM50 is A LOT FOR A RUN that gives us only a piece of t-shirt. Not nice some more. Nothing else.

Well, I later found out that this "Color" Run was organized for a charity cause, so okaylah. In the end, we didn't pay anything for it. A friend has blessed us :)

Ohh and I only also found out that the "marathon" was actually called Rainbow Run. It seems like this Run wasn't planned out properly. Everything felt very everywhere. There weren't any confirmed information the day before and like, I don't know lah. 

Let's just say that I won't want to join again next year. Heh sorry.

I cannot be sacrificing my most precious limited sleep for something that only have a few color powder splashes stations. Sorry, it wasn't a run. It was walkathon all the way, which turns out to be a good thing because it's impossible for me to run with my spine-ache.

Which got worse when I got home. 

I should have just restrained from all physical activities when it's still in the recovering process. Now, it's prolly back to square one. Boohoo.

Anyways, we took nice colorful photos and we did have fun doing this with his family and friends! It was a morning well spent. 

Oh! I almost forgot to mention about the "GRAND PRIZE WINNER" for the lucky draw. We stayed back because.. because we paid RM50 for this. Hah. I don't know what's the reason we stayed back really. We just did lah.

Anyways, when they called the number 2049. Koay looked at the pile of numbers on the floor and expressed, "Aiya!" as he pointed to the first number 2009 then again at 2040 and then he pointed at the third number and screamed out really loud! Then, he ran towards the stage and claimed the grand prize. 

I don't know anything about bicycles but according to the emcee, that was the best one given out. Nice color some more.

However, that bicycle belongs to a friend of Jaryn's because that was her number. Good fun though. The screaming and clapping and cheering on as he went on stage. Oh fun times!