22 December 2014

Half Day Leave.

First day back to work and I'm already applying for half day leave in the afternoon.

Reason being mom got back to hospital in the morning for final check-up to make sure no more traces of dengue in her body and she's clear! Thank You Jesus! However, she's still a bit weak, so I'm just going home to make sure everything is alright.

That and because my whole body itches like no one business. I have never had any kind of food allergy and I somehow don't think this is because of food. If it is, then it must be from something I ate from Satay Hut last night. WHAT COULD IT BE?

As I'm typing this, I'm also scratching my skin off because the itch is making me so restless. Arghhh.

This is going to be my last day 'leave' of the year. 

Few days left to two zero one four.

Gonna end it well and maybe with a 'bang' too? Like my sister? Still thinking about it heh.