02 April 2015

2D1N Capri by Fraser, Kuala Lumpur.

with the Khoo family and 1 Sha baby.
on the 29-30 March 2015.

No idea why when we go for holidays, its always only 2 days and 1 night. We are taking forever to plan for a longer family vacation to go out of the country. It will happen soon, I hope! Heh.

We drove down on Sunday morning and stopped at Ipoh for a quick snack-shopping and guess what greeted us! LONG LINES OF PEOPLE BEHIND THE COUNTERS BECAUSE THEY WANT TO AVOID GST. Obviously we waited forever just to pay for mom's mixed nuts with dried cranberries and out chocolates for the road. Oh wellz.

We had a heavy breakfast in Penang so we only had our chilly pan mee when we arrived in KL. It was really yummy years ago but this time, we were kinda like, "Let's not have pan mee for the next 10 years!" feel. Haha. 

The sister booked a hotel next to a quite-happening-place so that's really convenient. I thought it was expensive to pay RM319.86 for a night, but since it's closest and its' once in a while, why not right. I don't want to know what the real price is since this one is under the "LIMITED TIME OFFER SUPER HOT DEAL" category in Agoda.

Anyways, we checked in and I was beyond excited to check this place out because from the outside it looked superb! 

Let me show you the photos. I try my best to capture the beauty of this hotel and the room that we stayed in. 

The hotel is called Capri by Fraser, KL at Bangsar South. Our room is Studio Deluxe and total humans staying in the room is 5 adults and 1 almost-two-years-old baby girl. 

Hotel lobby.

From the center of the entire room. 

View from the main door. This is the kitchen area with all kitchen utensils provided. Knifes, pots, microwave oven, stove and other utensils. I'm impressed already.

The second part of the room, the bathroom. Love the wide mirrors on the walls. 

Third part of the room, the bedroom. Heh. 

The view from the balcony. FABULOUS!

Obviously some of us actually slept on the floor but still quite comfortable because it was only for a night. Heh. Okay, next I should show you the top floor where the swimming pool, private jet pool, soak suites are at. 

Infinity pool is the best kind of pool, especially those at top floor overlooking the entire world. BEST!

Private jacuzzi/jet pool on top of the swimming pool floor. This one seriously lagi best!

Another one of my favorite area on top of Capri by Fraser. IT'S JUST AMAZING OKAY!

We rested a while in the room and then put on our swimsuit and ready to jump into the pool. We went to the infinity pool but it was pretty crowded. Not really lah but still got so many people we didn't want to just jump in right. 

So, we went upstairs and tried the jet pool. 

The baby girl was super reluctant to come into the pool. We suspect that it must be because of those crazy bubbles in the water. We spent so long trying to distract her and unknowingly bring her in. Then, when she was finally in the water, the dark cloud came and we went back to the room. Heh.

The view from the 33rd floor was beyond amazing seriously. I could spend many minutes standing and just looking out. It was quiet and peaceful.

At night, we went to Paradigm Mall or how I would call it, Pa-ra-di-gem Mall. Successful radio ads. Hah. By the time we got to the mall, it was close to 9pm. Traffic in KL is madness okay. No debates needed for that.

We ended up at Daorae Express Restaurant because we really couldn't decide what to eat and we were kinda in a rush to get some grocery items for our breakfast in the morning. It was quite yummy to be honest. Maybe because dinner was on me! Heh. Tak tau malu.

We rushed down to Tesco and got some of the basic stuff and headed home. Gary came over to the hotel and we went to the top floor and chilled. Jer ppk-ed me so sad but then again it is a Sunday night and he has to work the next day so next time lah. 

The whole family zonked out by 1 am. 

By 7 am, I was awake and went to changed into my swimsuit and woke Vanessa up. She wanted to see the sunrise and I wanted to soak in the infinity pool so have to sacrifice sleep. 

We saw the sunrise alright. 

We stayed in the pool for some time until it got brighter and then we both slept on the pool lounge chairs for a good 30 minutes. The whole entire time facing the pool and the world. Love that feel.

I think swimming at night is probably my favorite compared to early morning swim. First, water is way too cold in the morning. Second, sleep has to be sacrificed which obviously is quite a big thing since I really treasure my sleep. Third, there are almost no humans around when you swim at night. So yeah. Too bad, most hotels close their pool area by 9pm, latest. 
My body was inside the water but my hands were outside and immediately, all the bulu stood up. Mad cold.

Although it was Capri's rule that the pool is close at 9pm and no one is supposed to be in the pool from that time onwards, there were still a bunch of people who came up at about 1030pm to swim, with cocktails on the side. 

I was there with Gary at the garden area. Pffft. Got CCTV also but no one seems to bother to come up and make sure this rule is being followed. If only I knew, sure I also will come up and swim. Heh. 

After the morning swim, we went up and showered. By that time, mom came back from her yummy hot breakfast and we cooked our own breakfast in hotel. We had to pay RM38++ if we want to eat the hotel's breakfast so we decided just cook on our own lah. 
It's no longer a secret that I'm currently obsessed with tomatoes. Everything also must have fresh tomatoes in them it's insane.

After breakfast and packing, while waiting for the sister to come back, we went upstairs to the top floor again and hung around with the baby girl. She is obviously not afraid of heights. Seriously for a kid this age. 

The hotel room so comfortable that we didn't want to leave okay but then IKEA awaits so goodbye for now, Capri by Fraser. Till next time.

Our last stop at KL before heading back was IKEA. Duhhh. Mom has been waiting forever to come IKEA again and feast. 

First, let's feed these hungry stomach and then we shop. 

I think we all think that IKEA last time was a lot nicer to explore in compared to now. Yet we can't seem to tell why. Hmm. We got a few household items and some snacks for the road.

Left the carpark and was stuck outside of IKEA for a good 1 hour. OH GOODNESS! THIS IS THE REASON WHY I CAN NEVER SURVIVE LIVING IN KL!


The white one is Vanessa's and the green one is mom's. Sha Lynn saw them both and decided to give the white a good squeezing, RIGHT BEFORE VANESSA WANTS TO TAKE PHOTO OF IT! Good job, Shanini! :)

Even though it was a really short trip, it was a needed one. Vacation with family is always nice and always not enough. 

Till next time.