23 April 2015

3D2N Redang Island Resort, Pulau Redang, Kuala Terengganu.

with Andrew, Beverly, Carmen, Jack, Bernie, Melt and my lover.
on the 17-19 April 2015.

to Pulau Redang, Kuala Terengganu.

The last time we were on the other side of Malaysia was a long time ago. 3 years ago. Since then, we knew that we will for sure go back there again. We were at Pulau Perhentian the last trip and this time, we thought it will be nice to stay at another famous-well known island, Pulau Redang. 

We've heard of so many things about the island. Things like everything is overpriced and it's way too crowded because it is an island that's famous for its' corals and other goodness. In fact, Pulau Redang is more famous than Pulau Perhentian, which for now I'm not too sure why because Pulau Perhentian was just perfect. No crowd. The perfect island for a relaxing getaway.

Anyways, this trip was just something we all needed from work and reality. Since taking leave is an issue for all of us, we decided that three days will just be enough. 


Finally got the confirmation of room bookings from Redang Island Resort. When I found out about the 'room promotion' earlier, I thought it was quite a good deal since it's only about RM200 per person for a Seaview Chalet for 2 nights. RM100 for 1 night on a good room okay what. This is what we get for the package from the hotel.

Sun, Sea & Sand (2015 Opening Special Rates!)

  • 2 nights stay at the preferred type of room. Our rooms are all Seaview chalets.
  • Daily buffet breakfast.
  • Return land transfers JETTY-REDANG ISLAND RESORT-JETTY.
  • Complimentary snorkelling trip to the marine park (without snorkel gears).

I've finally made the full payment to the hotel and our transport to Kuala Terengganu. More like to Shahbandar Jetty where we will take the ferry to Redang Island. After comparing the price between land and air options, we decided to go for land because it's way cheaper although it's going to take longer to arrive at Shahbandar Jetty. We booked a whole 10-seaters van at the price of RM1400 for two ways. There are 8 of us so it's about RM175 per person. 

Quite pricey actually compared to taking a bus which is about RM110 BUT the timing is not pretty okay.

Let me show you what I mean.

Our schedule arranged by Redang Island Resort:
Ferry from Shahbandar Jetty to Redang Island is at 10:00am.
Ferry from Redang Island to Shahbandar Jetty is at 1:00pm.
(Journey between Shahbandar Jetty and Redang Island is one and a half hours)

To Redang:

  • Penang to Kuala Terengganu Bus Terminal: departs at 9:30pm and arrives a5:30am.
  • TGG Bus Terminal to Shahbandar Jetty: 10 minutes via taxi (probably will cost about RM5 or more since it's early in the morning).
  • The earliest ferry ride from Shahbandar Jetty is at 9am onwards (depending on which ferry you taking)

From Redang:
  • Bus leaves at about 9pm and scheduled to arrive Penang at about 5am. Some more got work on the same morning.
  • AND we have 5 hours of doing nothing at Kuala Terengganu upon arrival at Shahbandar Jetty. No thanks.

Booked van

To Redang:
  • Penang to Shahbandar Jetty: DEPARTS at 12:00am and ARRIVES at 8:00am. Since we booked the entire van, the time is flexible so we can choose what time to leave.
  • We only have to wait for about 2 hours so it's not as bad as if we travel by bus.

From Redang:

  • Our van waits for us at Shahbandar Jetty at 2:30pm onwards so we can leave upon arrival at the jetty and reach home by 11pm

With that being said, I feel spending that extra RM65 is totally worth it because all that waiting and doing nothing is actually really tiring, and whatever holiday-excited-mood that you have, sure gone also by the time you wait for it to finish. No kidding. 

So, it's a big relief that both transport and accommodation is settled. 


The day finally came! We all worked on that day and met up at Tesco at 10pm to get all the snacks that we might need. By 1145pm, the van arrived at Koay's place. Then, the 8 hours journey started. 


There were two drivers so they took turns to drive to Kuala Terengganu. We stopped quite a lot actually to go to the toilet and just stretch every few hours. The van is not the new kind. In fact, it's the really old and worn out kind. Most of the seats are not adjustable so imagine the horror. 

By the time we got to Kuala Terengganu after a local breakfast (so expensive for something simple like egg and toast), we still had to wait for about 2 hours for our ferry. 2 hours of doing nothing is actually quite a tiring thing. 

Shahbandar Jetty, Kuala Terengganu.

Spent quite a while looking for Redang Island resort's desk. Heh.

Got to wait for another 2 hours for the ferry ride.

Two ways ferry ride is at RM110 per person. 

We were the last few to enter the ferry and ended up seating at the first few rows. That was a mistake. The waves were super rough and the boat kept moving upwards and down hitting the water hard and sea-sickness began.

One and half hours later, we arrived at the Redang Island Resort Jetty, all in one piece. 

From the jetty, we were then transferred to the resort via a bus/van (depending on the number of people). 

The eight of us conquered one entire house. Heh.

View from the top floor, door area.

 Seaview Chalet.

 View from the top floor balcony.

 The sea so blue our eyes can't take it.

After checking in, we all wanted to have lunch at the resort but after finding out that a plate of fried rice costs RM24, we left the restaurant. Heh. Our next thing-to-do was the complimentary snorkel trip to the marine park, but we still have like one hour plus so we decided to have quick lunch at the kampung area near the jetty.

The resort was so good that they got their van driver to drive us down to the jetty which is about 5 minutes away. The food at the Malay stall near jetty also not cheap. A plate of paprik with white rice and one sirap ais was RM10. The white rice itself was RM2. 

A must-try. Keropok lekor in satay stick. You've got to try them with their pink sauce. Something different!

 Marine park, we're back again after 3 years :)

 It felt good to finally soak in the salty water after such a long night/morning. 

Gotta love them waterproof can go deep underwater camera! Heh.

Bernie and Melt :)

Andrew and Beverly :) I cannot find a photo of Jack and Carmen in the water! 


Long day ahead! We did so many things oh goodness. I shall list them down. 
  • Breakfast at the hotel's restaurant.
  • 2 snorkelling trips until 1130am.
  • Chilled by/in the pool until the sun got too hot.
  • Ate cup noodles and junks for lunch.
  • Took a boat trip to Long Beach where all the happenings are.
  • Tea-time at Long Beach and ordered a plate of fried rice at RM11.
  • Walked around Long Beach to find a hotel that would accept us for buffet dinner. Most hotels only serve their meals to clients who took their full-board package. Sad for us.
  • Finally found a buffet dinner at RM75 (got BBQ lamb, steak, seafood etc) at Laguna Beach Resort.
  • Settled down on a beach chair and watched as the rest of them jumped into the ocean again.
  • The nose got too stuffed that I was in no condition to go into the water again. 
  • Saw a pair of twin boys, aged about 2 years old. Half Chinese, half Caucasian. HANDSOME BETUL!
  • Relaxed by the beach after dinner.
  • Waited at the jetty for our ride back to the resort.
  • The boatman came so late so we all decided to lie down on the jetty and watched the stars. FIRST TIME SEE SO MANY STARS SO CLEAR!
  • Hopped onto our boat and sat on the front outside of the boat and all of us (except Andrew and Beverly) saw A SHOOTING STAR! 
  • Okay, let me say that again. WE SAW A SHOOTING STAR! WE SAW A SHOOTING STAR.
  • Imagine we were like in the open seas and it was completely dark all around us. All that's in front of us was the big plain dark sky with countless stars on them. Then, suddenly, WE SAW IT! A SHOOTING STAR! The perfect moment on the boat! PERFECT!

 Tak habis-habis with the sunblock. 

 Saja want to show off my temporary tatts from Habitatt.

 Our many failed attempts at taking one good group photo underwater.

 Richard Branson of Virgin Air stayed at the same resort with us okay!

Long Beach :)


We decided to sleep in for a bit. We had quite a late breakfast because our ferry to Shahbandar Jetty departs at 1pm and we didn't know where else to lunch so breakfast shall be brunch. 

The trip back home was a lot more tiring as there were traffic jams here and there so it took a long time.

With the nose giving me attitude all, I definitely didn't enjoy the ride one bit. It was such a torture, to be honest. Some of us are still quite scarred from the ride. The bumpiest and scariest type.

I think young people still drive okay compared to the uncles who have been driver for many years. Too fast too furious style. 

Thankful for the wonderful company! If you ask me, I would tell you to stay at Long Beach (that's also if you die die also want to stay at Pulau Redang lah) so that you don't have to spend on the boat ride fee, which in my opinion is really expensive. 

But if you really want a relaxing getaway where you take your time in doing things you enjoy (be it, dipping in the sea, lying on the sand or reading books on a hammock) and there aren't so many people around, I will say go Pulau Perhentian! 

Koay and I have been to both Pulau Perhentian and Pulau Redang. For now, we will stick to Pulau Perhentian. There are plans to go back there again, most likely to get our scuba diving license and our first option will definitely, without doubt, be at Pulau Perhentian. 


For 3 days and 2 nights at Redang Island Resort, Pulau Redang, Kuala Terengganu

Hotel (Seaview Chalet) for 2 nights: RM195
2 snorkel trips with snorkel gears: RM40
Snorkel gears rental to a complimentary marine park snorkelling trip: RM15
Buffet dinner at Laguna Beach Resort, Long Beach: RM75
Ringgit Malaysia used (for food, drinks etc): RM100