13 April 2015

LOTD Clothing - Travel Test.

Recently, a very good friend of mine started a clothing line called LOTD Clothing and they started selling their very first designed t-shirts. Since I'm such a good friend, I shall tell you guys more on this goodness. Of course, even though we are really good buds, I still have to make sure that whatever I promote must be true and I must believe in the product itself, right.

So, I decided to do a travel test on the t-shirt. 

A travel test is a test where this t-shirt will go through a few things/situation and see if it can tick off a few things on the list. 

Something like that. I just made that up. Hah. Anyways, I wanna see if this t-shirt is worth the RM49 or not. 

Let me first start by saying that I almost immediately fell in love with the material when I first receive the t-shirt. Somehow, cannot believe that it's so soft eh. I tried it on to see if S fits me and loved it even more because not only it's soft, it's also super comfortable on my skin.

Sorry hah photo a bit blur. The photographer not so good. Heh.

Then, I was even more keen to test them out when I travel because I want to see whether it's going to be sticky when I start sweating since it's summer all year long in Malaysia and neighboring countries.

So here is how it goes.

I went to Hatyai, Thailand on Saturday morning and because it was so jammed up at the border crossing, we decided to park our car at a traffic light turn, even before the Malaysian Border Point. Then, we started walking while carrying our bags on a sunny afternoon. 

At this point, it feels like there is no weight on my body. It almost feels like I'm not wearing anything. Okay, maybe a lil too exaggerated, but it was seriously very smooth on the skin and light. 

We waited for a good 1 hour plus at the Thailand's Border Point and then, I was already sweating a little. The weather wasn't too hot thank God. 

It didn't feel sticky and it still feels good. Another thing that I like about this t-shirt is that the S size isn't too small or too big for me. Sometimes, good t-shirt can either be very body-hugging or too baggy style. So, this one is just in between. 

Do you know that it's very important to feel good and comfortable at the same time when you go travel? It makes a whole lot of difference to the start of your holiday. 

So, basically I was risking my holiday to test this LOTD Clothing's product out. Turns out, it was a great start! 

After checking into hotel, the rest of the gang changed and I wanted to but I didn't because the t-shirt that I was wearing was still very 'fresh'. We went to do all the touristy stuff (not really lah! Just a lot of walking) and when we went back to the hotel to shower, again I didn't change!

This is why.

Below our hotel, the Songkran Festival has already started and we were already half wet, kena ambushed from nowhere. Then, I thought to myself that this is another situation where I can test it out and also partly because I did not bring enough clothes to spare. Heh.

So, with LOTD Clothing's t-shirt, iPhone 5s in a resealable bag and 4 huge water guns, we marched out of the hotel and shoot everyone on the street. IT WAS A WET MESS EVERYWHERE! I was wet from head to toe. Not a single place dry. 

My t-shirt was soaked in iced cold water and surprisingly, I DIDN'T FEEL THE WEIGHT AT ALL.

This turns out to be a huge shocker for me. No kidding.

If I were to put on another t-shirt, sure it will feel super heavy on my body. This one was like, wet or not wet, also same only. Crazy right?

Ohh and it feels stretchable. I usually struggle taking wet t-shirt out because they tend to stick to your body all right? But this one I took them out so easily. No struggle. It feels like very stretchy maybe that's why so easy to take out.

This is one t-shirt that is worth having for sure. 

One for RM49 only!

I'm already planning to get another one, the other color. 


Go check them out here :)