07 April 2015

Hello April.

April has started out smooth but getting rough lately. 

With so many things on my plate now, it feels like I have millions of decisions to make. Good thing there are some where I don't have to decide by this month. Can drag for another 2 months. That one is a major part of life already. So can take longer time.

I've also noticed that I have been getting really minor 'earthquakes-feeling' in my head for the past few days. I can be eating, watching TV, walking to my car, taking a shower, talking on the phone or waiting in the elevator. When it comes, it feels like the entire world was spinning for that 2 seconds. If I wasn't careful, I could just fall flat because the weight is just too heavy at times. 

I don't even know if it's possible to describe how it actually feels like. 

I guess it's time to do another blood check. One thing that I never look forward to. Bleh.

Other than that, I'm just counting down to the days where I can get out of this island to breathe. 

That would be 3 more working days to Hatyai and 10 days to Pulau Redang. As much as I want to get out of the island, I'm missing youth service, so badly. Never a win-win situation. Urghh.

Okaylah. Enough of complains. Time to be thankful of all the little things I still can do, like errm.. having home cooked dinner every night, a clean office table to work on and friends to hang out with. Got a lot more but for now, I can't think of any already. The brain is exhausted.

Earlier, I tweeted, "Sales is not for lazy people and I'm the laziest person I know!"


I don't know what I'm doing in sales. I love it yet at times (most of the time!) I feel so lazy to go out. Not to mention everytime I go out, sure sweat like a mad dog. Wait, I'm complaining again! Ahh. No. Stop. Enough.

Thank You Jesus for a functioning car.

I should sign out now.