23 March 2021

2D1N Lone Pine Boutique Hotel by the Beach, Penang.

This is a few-years-overdue-post and I decided to talk about it here because we (Adrian and I) remembered loving this hotel so much. 

Actually not so much of the entire hotel in itself because let's be honest, there is nothing to shout about their swimming pool and buffet breakfast. 

In fact, their buffet breakfast happens to be one of the worst hotel buffet breakfasts we have ever had. Their porridge was cold despite being in the pot that keeps food hot, their pancakes and waffles are soft and soggy and cold and there was a big long trail of ants entering one of their buffet items and no one did anything until I brought it up with one of their waitresses. 

It was a huge disappointment. I mean, they can do a lot better, please. I do hope got no such problems now anymore. 

Still, we love Lone Pine Hotel because of its newly renovated rooms (back in Sept 2019). We didn't have high expectations but because there were some promos going on at that time, we decided to book a room for one night to celebrate our third wedding anniversary, and then my family decided to book the same room, but their Deluxe Seafacing Room was upgraded to Premier Seafacing Room that could sleep up to 4 adults (ngam ngam for them). 

Deluxe Seafacing Room (2 adults and 1 baby): RM350
Premier Seafacing Room (4-adults): RM365

With one of the rooms being upgraded, that also means we could not have connecting rooms or be on the same floor. In fact, we were at a separate building. Heh. 

I wished we had stayed for 2-nights instead of 1, to be honest, but I hope more that we get to go stay again someday. Heh. 

Too bad their swimming pool is so boring and with 2-kids now, we would prefer to go to hotels with more "happening" pools. Heh. 

Here are some photos we took during that staycation.

Okay, so when Adrian and I walked into the room, our first impression was, "Wow!". The room is spacious and modern-looking and one of the things we love most is the bathtub on the balcony, with a daybed, a table, and 2 chairs. It is so perfect for chilling. 

The other thing is the bathroom - huge and practical and the lighting is so on-point, please. They use a sliding door to separate the room from the bathroom which is so genius because it makes the entire room feels even much bigger. 

The King-sized bed felt like it was super King or something. 

Okay, now you can watch this quick video of a very brief room tour. Heh. 

Till next staycation, bye now.