09 March 2021

Dreaming of Holidays.

I have lost count of the number of times I've dreamed of going on holidays with family and friends - and my dreams were always cut short by Sofia's kung-fu kicks. I would wake up immediately and tell Adrian about my short dream - short but was enough. Hah. 

We always ask ourselves where would be the first place we would go once it is safe enough to travel - and the top 2 destinations are either Japan or Australia. 

Japan - because Adrian has never been and I have and it is so nice please, and also the fact that people of Japan are very clean and proper so even if it's safe enough to travel and all, we would still prefer to go to a country that is more "risk-free of covid-19". Hah. 

Australia - because we have been to a few parts of OZ and loved it. I would like to go to Perth again just because my first time there, I was having bad morning sickness with Sofia and didn't really enjoy it to the fullest, and the fun fact that I actually forgot to bring most of my clothes because I was too focused packing for Alex and Adrian. Oh, wells. This time, we will most likely go to Tasmania and maybe Sydney since we didn't spend much time in Sydney the last time we went. 

Ini semua cakap angan-angan can okay please. 

Then again, if you ask me, I would vote for Japan because it is really a very nice country to visit. I've been to Kyoto and Osaka and it was lovely, and I have stayed in mountain resorts with private onsens. 

And also cos I deleted ALL my Japan photos from Google Drive and there is absolutely no way to retrieve them back because of more than 60 days already. So sad okay!

So, we need to go back to make new memories together, and to help me heal my sadness over so many Japanese photos I took in 2014! :(

But in all seriousness, this travel-deprived-feeling is getting to me. Thankful that we get to do some domestic staycations for now. 

Till next time, bye now.