25 February 2013

15th Night.

Chap Goh Meh.

My first time after many many years of life. His first time too actually. I have never thrown any oranges (or rubbist etc) into the sea before so this time, having the chance to throw something into the sea IN THE OPEN seems pretty fun for me. One thing though, we didn't bring any ORANGES! Epic la I tell you. So we ended up spending RM3 for just two oranges.  
 If I actually remembered, I would have brought a lot a lot of oranges to throw non-stop. I wrote the famous John 3:16 verse onto it and Koay created a "new" profile for the boys who were gonna pick them up.

There were so many people there that if you don't hold your lover's hand/shirt/shoulder/hair, you WILL lose sight of each other. They even had a kid going up on stage to find his parents. And then of course there were free food offered, like nasi melayu (rice with a piece of potato in a dhal-like curry and a piece of sambal taukua), the ever famous mee sotong (the line to this stall is beyond madness), Bamboo buffet food and some other stuff. We lined up for a few but all got sold out very quickly. We ended up DID NOT eat anything there! *pats self*

And then we went for coffee at Behind 50 and watched one of the most amazing fireworks ever. The finale of it was just four thumbs up! And you know what made it even better?

Watching it with him while being hugged :)