09 April 2014

Michael Alexander Siow.

Michael Alexander Siow.
Second son of Sarah Khor and Howard Siow. 
Five months old. 

So, Lachlan was in hospital for few days already due to some throat infection and mommy siow have got to make a quick run to the hospital to drop off a few things.

So, I left work earlier and Koay fetched me to her place. We played, laughed and talked to Michael for about one and half hours.

All we did was just let him lie down on his baby-rocking-chair/bed thing and he would crack a smile everytime we calls his name or when we do ugly silly faces to him. 

He's such an easy baby. So handsome.

At one point, we stopped playing with him and watched Knife Fight on Astro. He started baby-talking while watching the TV as well. Wahhh, extreme cuteness I tell you! 

After talking a while, he got tired so he started biting his toys and eyes still focused on TV. 

I bet he's going to be a major food lover when he grows older.

Whole day's stress at work gone. Just because someone looked at me and kept smiling.

Unbelievable what a smile can do to people. 

Keep smiling everyone. Keep smiling :)

It's Wednesday already, guys. More reason to smile bigger and laugh louder.