28 June 2013

That Promise - A Short Story.


Yeahh. On the Youtube and on Facebook. It's been like what? Months since we did this thing. An adventure that we agreed in doing to help a good friend. I have to say that it's been fun and tiring. What I loved most of this whole experience is that I get to do it with him. I never knew that he is such a good actor. I mean, the camera loves him. Goodness. He looked so good behind those lens. Anyways, it was in the span of few days that we filmed this video.

At first, quite awkward because we both never acted before in front of a camera and we felt most comfortable being in our own element. So, this adventure for sure brings us to a certain level of discovering each other.

For some of the scenes, we actually spent quite a long time laughing our backsides off and trying to keep those giggles inside, boy that was the hardest. I think we laughed most and hardest at our arguing scenes. So difficukt to make out an arguing scene okayy! HOW TO PRETEND YOU'RE ARGUING!?! Then, when one of us just let out a very tiny smile curve on our lips, the other instantly laugh out d! SO HILARIOUS! Then, we actually had to stay away from each other for few minutes to calm down first then only continue rolling the camera. The photo on the right is the ONE SCENE that took us forever to film. The moment we open the door nia, we straight burst d. Quite an experience really. Definitely one of the moments we laughed so hard ever since we became buddies. Ahh..

So many beautiful moments also, like the proposal part. Photos hanged everywhere and petals of red roses being spread in and around the heart shaped candlelit floor. I've gotta say (said once in Twitter), that it felt real. Felt like he really is gonna pop it there and then. I mean, he did for the video sake. Hah. We realized now that these kind of things cannot practice wan la. I had to do the same reaction of saying YES so many times until I don't know how to react anymore lo. Haha. For him also I think he asked till so many times till numb d.

Then, the last part of the film shows that he's talking to the dead me at the ever famous Francis Light's graveyard. Don't know who's tombstone also. Some Ms Catherine or something. Favorite mentioned bucketlist has got to be my three dogs: Hock, Kian and Mee. And they are real dogs. Two brothers and a sister living together! Another favorite film moments was at the beach during sunset. That was just pure pretty. We took some walking scenes too but not shown in the video.

Ahhhh! I'm glad we did it in the end. I remembered being very reluctant in this but he said yes, so I guess that was a good call. For those who haven't watch them yet, CLICK CLICK! *points below*

Enjoy laughing at us :)

27 June 2013

The Love For B.

Yesterday (and today!), I did some research on the latest Blackberry Q10.  The more I looked
at it, I kinda like it even more. The first time when I saw it was in Gurney Plaza. And I kinda instantly hated it. Didn't really like the look of it. Feel that not very nice compared to Blackberry Bold 9900/9930. But then again, I kept googling them and liking them even more.

Not only that, I just found out through watching a video on it that we can have the Instagram app through the Crackberry. SOUNDS OKAY TO ME! But then, I am still in contract with my current S2. So downzz okay. Want to save money for the house some more. I don't know what to do la!

Then, this morning tried calling Koay so many times but he never answers. In the end, had to call one of our friend who happened to work in the same company to call him. That also tak jadi. In the end, Aaron came down by himself to get Koay's electronic card from me. So geram okayy! Apparently, Koay's hp was in hang mode and didn't even get any calls from me. Wahhh! You have no idea how stress I was this morning! I was already late to work.

Anyways, later then he called and explained all that and stuff. Then, this sweet thing happened :)

Koay: My phone really gone case.
Me: You and your phone together gone case la.
Koay: Abo, I buy new phone?
Me: *keeps quiet*
Koay: I buy your phone then you can go buy your Blackberry lo!
Me: WHAT??!! How much you want to pay for my S2?
Koay: RM500. Actually your hp I see worth only RM400, but since you my gf, I give you RM500 la.
Me: Seriouslyy?? But got no Instagram app wor in Blackberry! (I haven't watch the video yet that time)
Koay: Too bad la.
Me: Nvm, the Instagram app in your "new phone" is my account la.
Koay: *laughs evil style* you ban ban tan.

HAHAHA. He rather settle for a second-hand phone so that I can actually get mine. Wow. Maybe he felt really bad for all the times I called him and forever no answer. But whatever it is, that made my day. Knowing that I actually have another option to getting the baby. Of course what also made my day is the fact that he's so sweet and thoughtful. Ahhh.. :)

But it's still so expensive leh! Ahhh. I should just shut this down and forget about it. Sadness wei.

On another note, it's winter wonderland everyday in office. I have no idea why is everyone else like numb to the temperature. I need two sweaters and that also, I still feel very brrr..


26 June 2013

Annual Thing.

Last night we discussed about Youth Camp 2013.

Yep, another less than six months to go, with so much lesser number of camp staffs.

We can do this. We will do this.

Let's do this.

25 June 2013

Just A Day.

Good girl stayed home whole night yesterday. Not to mention cook dinner for the sick boy and fed him with cough syrup. And allow him to steal one piece of durian. Ooops. You must be like, "fed him with cough syrup?" "So old d, still need girlf to feed?" Well, hmm.. I don't know if I can even try to explain this. It makes the syrup taste sweeter? I don't know.. I always need people to feed me with medicine. It's just my way of taking it better. Not sure for him though. Hah.

And we stayed home because we actually had no choice. I wanted to just like hang out at Mugshot or Piknik but his condition doesn't really allow that. Ugh to falling sick and coughing his lungs out. Thanks Indonesia, thanks. Pffft.

So yeah, we cuddled on teh couch and watched "Mother's Nightmare" or is it "Mother's Worst Nightmare?" I'm not so sure. Cuddling and watching TV is something we so don't do often. Cos everytime we have some "free time", we would go hang out outside or watch a movie in the cinema or just something outdoor. I guess this haze condition allow us some bonding time at home :)

Alright, not gonna say much more today. Feels so sleepy today. Speaking of sleep, I realized that if there is one thing that I will really spend most of my money in, other than food, it would be my bedroom. My mattress and pillows and comforter and blankets. All must be made of MOST COMFY MATERIALS! MUSTT!

Signing off with a funny video and one of my alltime favorite youtuber.

Oh, and the boy is going to play for fireBRANDS in this year's league :))

24 June 2013

Rode The Night Away.

Monday is here again. Waking up this morning was a lil harder than usual. Snoozed the alarm three times before I actually forced myself to get to the bathroom. It just seemed like the 7 hours of snoozing is not enough. Feeling a lil more tired compared to other weekends. Hopefully the boy hasn't passed his virus to me, and praying hard this body system is stronger to fight back those things.

So yeah. The weekends that flew all of us by. Quite a fun packed weekend I must say.

We went cycling around town at night, after trying to get the bicycle for close to an hour. I think we spent more time getting there, finding a carpark and renting 6 not very safely-functioning-bicycles. We went to few touristy spots and took some photos. RM15 for 24 hours. That's pretty okay if we actually used them for more than 2 hours. Will I rent and go for night cycling again? Definitely not. Unless I don't have to pay for the rent la. But, overall, it was a fun night :)

And then, I decided to go for a haircut on Saturday. A HUGE transformation that I have been waiting for one week. Supposed to get them done a week ago but had to reschedule that due to a family photoshoot. A year ago, I did exactly the same thing. That random and spontaneous feeling. Gotta do what I gotta do. Haha.

Sunday was pretty alright. Koay's family came to church for the second time :) We went to see the photos that we all did last week as a whole family :)

For now, please stay indoor as long as you can. Jerebu sudah datang ke pulau ini. And drink lots of water people. Stay safe and stay strong! :)

21 June 2013

The New Craze.

I totally forgot about updating this amazing night at Mod-Em's. So yeah, the night that we all decided to meet up earlier than the usual time to prepare the ingredients and cook together. Some chops, some peels, some make drinks and some just relax and watch some TV. I can proudly say that I actually did some of all, maybe except the making drinks part.

The menu of the night was tacos/burritos and chips with homemade tomato salsa. I realized now that it is very easy to make them. If I can just have the ingredients, I can make those for dinner at home, by myself. Haha. Or I can try making them and serve Koay and see if he likes it. Hah.

All we need is some cooked diced breast meat, grated cheese, the burritos's wrap thingy and make some salsa to go with it. Oh and store some sour cream in the fridge!

This night made me realized that I love eating sour cream. It's too delicious. And I think it's fattening too. Yes?

I don't have a lot of photos of that night because once the food was ready, we were ready to jump at it. So, the one that I have here is thanks to Isaac Huang. And ever since I use Andrew's or Nicholas's phone to snap photos, I don't really want to use my phone's camera anymore. Okla, I gotta admit that iPhone's camera is a lot clearer and sharp.

And since this is food related post, I have decided to start my NO-SUPPER-PLAN effective immediately. My only rest-day/cheat-day is on Saturdays. Obvious reason is of course after youth how to NOT eat when 10plus people are eating. How? So yeah, I shall have a cheat-day!

I'm hoping that this time the plan will work. As in I will have the discipline to see it through. Time to get back into shape and not to mention also the stamina. Floorball All Girls League starts in a week. And I haven't been running or doing anything that constantly allow me to sweat or increase stamina. GG.com for sure.

20 June 2013

Thailand Team Reunite.

So, we met up last night at Ps Jonathan's house for some bonding time together. It's been weeks since we came back and oh how much we all missed that place, food, and the people. So, Pastor and his lovely wife, Lydia cooked up a storm to host us. Amazing Tomyam soup and non-spicy soup with Tesco roasted chicken of two flavors!

It's not the food or the coconut milkshake or Bella the puppy or the Digital Game that I won twice in a row (ahem for the first timer!) that we played together that made the night so fun.

It's the people that were there. It's the family that has welcomed up into their house and boy, we were so loud and noisy. I am missing the random laughter already.

Thank you again, Pastor Jonathan, Lydia, Joy, and Liz for all the hosting you gave to us! We all love you and your family! :) And I love your mini pillows, Liz! I actually "ordered" 10 pieces of her handmade mini pillows because they are so soft, cute, and loveable. I felt bad but she said she loves doing it! :) People, you want to buy pillows, you come to find me. She's only 11 years old but her pillows are TWO THUMBS UP! :)

And we did discuss next year's plan to Thailand already :)