20 June 2013

Thailand Team Reunite.

So, we met up last night at Ps Jonathan's house for some bonding time together. It's been weeks since we came back and oh how much we all missed that place, food, and the people. So, Pastor and his lovely wife, Lydia cooked up a storm to host us. Amazing Tomyam soup and non-spicy soup with Tesco roasted chicken of two flavors!

It's not the food or the coconut milkshake or Bella the puppy or the Digital Game that I won twice in a row (ahem for the first timer!) that we played together that made the night so fun.

It's the people that were there. It's the family that has welcomed up into their house and boy, we were so loud and noisy. I am missing the random laughter already.

Thank you again, Pastor Jonathan, Lydia, Joy, and Liz for all the hosting you gave to us! We all love you and your family! :) And I love your mini pillows, Liz! I actually "ordered" 10 pieces of her handmade mini pillows because they are so soft, cute, and loveable. I felt bad but she said she loves doing it! :) People, you want to buy pillows, you come to find me. She's only 11 years old but her pillows are TWO THUMBS UP! :)

And we did discuss next year's plan to Thailand already :)