21 June 2013

The New Craze.

I totally forgot about updating this amazing night at Mod-Em's. So yeah, the night that we all decided to meet up earlier than the usual time to prepare the ingredients and cook together. Some chops, some peels, some make drinks and some just relax and watch some TV. I can proudly say that I actually did some of all, maybe except the making drinks part.

The menu of the night was tacos/burritos and chips with homemade tomato salsa. I realized now that it is very easy to make them. If I can just have the ingredients, I can make those for dinner at home, by myself. Haha. Or I can try making them and serve Koay and see if he likes it. Hah.

All we need is some cooked diced breast meat, grated cheese, the burritos's wrap thingy and make some salsa to go with it. Oh and store some sour cream in the fridge!

This night made me realized that I love eating sour cream. It's too delicious. And I think it's fattening too. Yes?

I don't have a lot of photos of that night because once the food was ready, we were ready to jump at it. So, the one that I have here is thanks to Isaac Huang. And ever since I use Andrew's or Nicholas's phone to snap photos, I don't really want to use my phone's camera anymore. Okla, I gotta admit that iPhone's camera is a lot clearer and sharp.

And since this is food related post, I have decided to start my NO-SUPPER-PLAN effective immediately. My only rest-day/cheat-day is on Saturdays. Obvious reason is of course after youth how to NOT eat when 10plus people are eating. How? So yeah, I shall have a cheat-day!

I'm hoping that this time the plan will work. As in I will have the discipline to see it through. Time to get back into shape and not to mention also the stamina. Floorball All Girls League starts in a week. And I haven't been running or doing anything that constantly allow me to sweat or increase stamina. GG.com for sure.