25 June 2013

Just A Day.

Good girl stayed home whole night yesterday. Not to mention cook dinner for the sick boy and fed him with cough syrup. And allow him to steal one piece of durian. Ooops. You must be like, "fed him with cough syrup?" "So old d, still need girlf to feed?" Well, hmm.. I don't know if I can even try to explain this. It makes the syrup taste sweeter? I don't know.. I always need people to feed me with medicine. It's just my way of taking it better. Not sure for him though. Hah.

And we stayed home because we actually had no choice. I wanted to just like hang out at Mugshot or Piknik but his condition doesn't really allow that. Ugh to falling sick and coughing his lungs out. Thanks Indonesia, thanks. Pffft.

So yeah, we cuddled on teh couch and watched "Mother's Nightmare" or is it "Mother's Worst Nightmare?" I'm not so sure. Cuddling and watching TV is something we so don't do often. Cos everytime we have some "free time", we would go hang out outside or watch a movie in the cinema or just something outdoor. I guess this haze condition allow us some bonding time at home :)

Alright, not gonna say much more today. Feels so sleepy today. Speaking of sleep, I realized that if there is one thing that I will really spend most of my money in, other than food, it would be my bedroom. My mattress and pillows and comforter and blankets. All must be made of MOST COMFY MATERIALS! MUSTT!

Signing off with a funny video and one of my alltime favorite youtuber.

Oh, and the boy is going to play for fireBRANDS in this year's league :))