27 June 2013

The Love For B.

Yesterday (and today!), I did some research on the latest Blackberry Q10.  The more I looked
at it, I kinda like it even more. The first time when I saw it was in Gurney Plaza. And I kinda instantly hated it. Didn't really like the look of it. Feel that not very nice compared to Blackberry Bold 9900/9930. But then again, I kept googling them and liking them even more.

Not only that, I just found out through watching a video on it that we can have the Instagram app through the Crackberry. SOUNDS OKAY TO ME! But then, I am still in contract with my current S2. So downzz okay. Want to save money for the house some more. I don't know what to do la!

Then, this morning tried calling Koay so many times but he never answers. In the end, had to call one of our friend who happened to work in the same company to call him. That also tak jadi. In the end, Aaron came down by himself to get Koay's electronic card from me. So geram okayy! Apparently, Koay's hp was in hang mode and didn't even get any calls from me. Wahhh! You have no idea how stress I was this morning! I was already late to work.

Anyways, later then he called and explained all that and stuff. Then, this sweet thing happened :)

Koay: My phone really gone case.
Me: You and your phone together gone case la.
Koay: Abo, I buy new phone?
Me: *keeps quiet*
Koay: I buy your phone then you can go buy your Blackberry lo!
Me: WHAT??!! How much you want to pay for my S2?
Koay: RM500. Actually your hp I see worth only RM400, but since you my gf, I give you RM500 la.
Me: Seriouslyy?? But got no Instagram app wor in Blackberry! (I haven't watch the video yet that time)
Koay: Too bad la.
Me: Nvm, the Instagram app in your "new phone" is my account la.
Koay: *laughs evil style* you ban ban tan.

HAHAHA. He rather settle for a second-hand phone so that I can actually get mine. Wow. Maybe he felt really bad for all the times I called him and forever no answer. But whatever it is, that made my day. Knowing that I actually have another option to getting the baby. Of course what also made my day is the fact that he's so sweet and thoughtful. Ahhh.. :)

But it's still so expensive leh! Ahhh. I should just shut this down and forget about it. Sadness wei.

On another note, it's winter wonderland everyday in office. I have no idea why is everyone else like numb to the temperature. I need two sweaters and that also, I still feel very brrr..