02 January 2014

Different and New.

Just like that, it's already second day of the new year.

"It has been 22 hours since 2014 hit us." My dad said last night after grocery shopping at Tesco.

Then, it really shook me. It's seriously the second day already today?

I spent my whole night last night doing don't know what. I know for sure I wasn't sleeping. I was awake, scratching my head and my fingers, constantly looking at the windows to see if the sun is up, looked at my phone a thousand times but did not once went into any social media. It hit me. The reality of 2014 hit me in the middle of the night. What a perfect timing.

Year in, year out. Just like that, 25 years of my life passed. TWENTY FIVE! Seriously? I'm so not anywhere near ready to be 26 and more. 25 has gotta be my maximum age. Haha. Growing old is too painful. At least I look younger than my real age la so it isn't that bad as I thought it would be. 

Anyways, since this is the first post of 2014, it's different :)

This post is actually dedicated to a good friend whom I've worked alongside with for the past 10 years. One decade man. That's crazy stuff. For a whole stretch of 10 years, it has always been great to be serving God with this man. It's not always oh-we-work-so-well-together-that-we-never-argue kind, but it is we-help-each-other-to-grow and God-experienced kind. We have our ups and downs. Many many of ups and downs actually. But at the end of the day, we still enjoy each other's company in serving the fireBRANDS. Despite the many differences, we always manage to work things as a team. 

Then, last night after saying a few really nice things in our fireBRANDS Council group chat, he left. I'm not saying it as a bad thing. I guess when I saw 'Leroy left', it hit me even more that 2014 is going to be a different and new. 

Different because the one person that I go to everytime I needed to make a fireBRANDS-related decision or anything of the ministry, it's him I go to, the wise man. And now, it's different. Not that I don't go to the other two handsome councils. It's just different. It's not a bad-different. It's just different.

New because I'm like the last one from the senior time that still serves the young people. WHY YOU ALL LEAVE ME! WHYYY!? Kiddinglah. I miss all of you, crazy bunch of humans. Judson.. Daniel.. Leroy.. Ian.. Salako..

So yeah. One thing I'm thankful for, is the friendship that I've gained despite of the decisions that were made two years ago. Le Roy, you have been a blessing from up above to not only me but also Adrian. And WhatTwoEatHere (in case you all didn't know, Le Roy designed our name card for us). It's been so goood working alongside with you :) We are excited to see what God has planned for you and you're gonna be great because you are specially marked by Him :)

Friendship of 12 years and many more years to come :)

Try not to cry Le Roy. Now you got no choice but to read my blog! Muahaha!