10 June 2014

Light Sleeper.

We all had slumber party again in Vanessa's room. 

Mom, me and Sha Lynn.

Oh by the way, Vanessa is feeling much better although she still can't see anything and her eyes tend to get very teary sometimes. 

Back to this. 

Sha Lynn and I shared one single sized mattress. I love it because I get to smell her baby-scent whole night through. 

Months ago, it was tiring to sleep with Sha Lynn because she wakes up every few hours for milk. Now that she's a year plus, she sleeps through the night and only wakes up once for milk. 

The thing for me is I'm a light sleeper. It means I don't usually get deep sleep like those people sleep means whatever happens also don't know. For me, that's not the case. That's far from my case.

Any small movement on my bed and I'll wake up. 

Wait, I remembered there was one time that I was in such deep sleep that the position that I slept in, I woke up still in the same way! Don't ask me how I know it's exactly the same because I just know it! I DIDN'T MOVE AT ALL THROUGHOUT THE NIGHT! We were in KL for a mini holiday and stayed over at my aunt's place. I must be super tired, seriously. Imagine sleeping in one same position for 8 or more hours straight. I also remembered feeling super good after I woke up. Haha.

That was just once. Other time, I'm always not in deep sleep no matter how tired I am. 

That is why I'm the perfect babysitter/nanny to sleep with your babies, because everytime they move a muscle (and they always move!) I will know. Hahaha. No, I'm not promoting myself to be hired or anything.

It never occurs to me that I'm a light sleeper. Not until Koay told me. 

I think there was once I was super tired and I just literally dropped on my bed. He moved onto my bed and just lie down to play with his hp. He made very small movement and I woke up!

I went back to napping but constantly waking up because he kept moving. His legs, hands, don't know why move so much lah. So he ended up sitting on the floor. Hahaha. 

It was then he realized that I'm a light sleeper. 

Maybe that's why I always want to sleep whenever I can. It's because I never really sleep when I sleep. So, I just need those extra really quiet time for sleeping. Hmm.

The funny thing is I rarely get upset when people wake me up unintentionally. 

Oh! One thing that can set me off immediately is how people wake me up. It has to be gentle and soft and slow.

Once, Koay woke me up by hitting my leg. I woke up so angry that even he himself got very shocked. I think he learnt his lesson that day. Haha. 

But then who wakes people up so harsh and sudden one!? No one will like it whattt! 

If you are those who enjoys people waking you up by doing it suddenly, please tell me! You're one of a kind for sure!

So yeah, light sleeper. Who else? Let's form a light-sleeper group and hang out drink coffee tea.