09 June 2014

What's In Your Bag?

It's a fact that everyone loves shopping. You can be a guy or a girl, you will still love shopping. 

Difference is what kind of shopping. Most guys (I'm assuming) always goes googoogaga over electronic items or watches or perfumes *coughs*Koay*coughs*

Then, we have girls who loves shopping for any kind of things! ANY!

I don't really fancy shopping unless I set a goal to get a certain something by certain when. If not, I couldn't be bothered. I rather go watch movies or play bowling. Haha. 

One thing for sure both boys and girls will like is FREE SHOPPING! 

People give you money to shop of course you will like lah!

In conjunction of the newly opened KLIA 2, they are having this "Shopping Campaign" where it's called What's In Your Bag? They are giving away RM5000 worth of prizes according to your wishlist (which you have to submit!)

It's a-winner-a-day for 15 days! FIFTEEN DAYS STRAIGHT! So, that's 15 super blessed winners! Also, they have one grand prize that's worth RM25,000 for just one SUPER BLESSED WINNER.

Okay, I shall try to do less talking here and show you all more photos so you all can chew on what's happening here. 

To get the free shopping, just click HERE!

Basically, you just need to register for free and you'll have 'RM5000" in your registered account to spend at KLIA 2's outlets.

So, after you register, you will see a few categories of shopping items and brands and all you need to do is "buy" whatever you want with that "RM5000".

With this kind of money, I straight spam lah of course. My shopping list as you can see. 


The 'lucky draw' starts today and ends on the 23rd June 2014! So, faster go and shop!

I can already imagine getting all that. 

So yeah! Go shop at http://whatsinyourbag.my/

Have a great Monday you all :)