02 June 2014

Thailand Part II.

Find Part I, Part III and Part IV here.

It's about time that I continue on this mission trip that happened many many days ago.

Part I: Travelling is here, so do read that first. Actually if you don't also it's fine lah, but you won't know the full thing then. :)

We spent our first day in Thailand with the Vineyard Outreach kids. Basically, what they did is just grab either Nic, Koay and Andrew and climb on them till they lie flat on the floor and then sit/stand/lie on them. 

Thank God I'm a girl. So no grabbing or climbing for me and Van. I was feeling pretty worn out with all the travelling so I went upstairs and took a short sweet nap. It was a hot day and we only have one standing fan but it didn't matter. 

I managed to snap some shots before collapsing on the bed.

Al of us hiding in the boys room later in the evening because the kids wouldn't stop. They are like high on sugar all the time! Haha. Prolly cos they really missed us. 

Gotta love them. I don't really remember what we did that day. I think we went to Tesco that night after dinner and then snoozed away quite early. 

Our first stop in the morning! Great hot sandwiches and super cheap Latte/Mocha.. Best 7-11 everrrr.

As you can see, they really love climbing/pulling/grabbing you. They looked so small but oh so full with endless energy. Must be the type of rice they eat. Hmm.

Anyways, we said goodbye and off we went to Santisuk, where we spent the next 5 days there. Last year, we went to Santisuk for a full day. We didn't spend our night there but this time most of our ministry was going to be based there. 

We were told to get things that we need/want because up there no 7-11! Hahaha. So, when we found out that there were two small shops that sells drinks/chips/toiletries/TOILET ROLLS nearby, it was such huge relief! TOILET ROLLS ARE VERY IMPORTANT! 

Anyways, here comes a lot of photos. All not edited because I'm way too lazy and even if I edit, all I do is just click the 'Auto Adjust' button. Hah.

Our home for the next one week. Two rooms that has one row of beds like that. There were no fans in the rooms so we moved the mattresses out and slept in the common area, which is also where the children have their activities. Of course they didn't use it since we were staying there. 

The day we arrived was the day we started painting. No time to rest guys. They were quite scared that we were not able to finish by Friday. 

This is day one's work and we were already pretty much covered in brown. Needless to say, after 4 days of painting, we had to throw these shirts and shorts away. Mine not so bad because since I've gained weight, the shorts that I was wearing couldn't really fit me anymore. It was just in Thailand that it fits perfectly since I lost so much kgs lau sai all out.

The sad part is VANESSA KHOO DECIDED TO WEAR MY floorball t-shirt with my name printed on it and it can no longer be saved. That's the sad part! 

Preparing for his sharing that night. The villagers have daily cell groups in different homes every night. 

To go to cell group, Pastor Panupan usually rides his bike but since there were so many of us so we walked UP the hill. UP! In the dark. Dark as in realllly dark. Thank God for smartphones.

One of the leaders' home. The first group that we went were called 6, based on their location. 6 is the highest hill where homes are built or something like that. So, first night we went to 6 and other nights were a lot easier. 

One of the small shop within walking distance. Actually, everything also have to be walking distance since they walk everywhere. Not everyone can afford a bike. Most of them doesn't own any bike, or flashlight.

Our bedroom! I think Nic was already flat on his bed, next to Andrew.

 Okay, let's take a break! Advertisement time! 

Our farewell meal with all the leaders of the church. This is the Chairman of the Church praying before we start feasting! 

The meals that they prepared for the farewell is equivalent to what they will eat during wedding dinners. 

One of the nights we got back quite early so we lazed around, talked and watched The Voice. No, we didn't sleep all together. We separated our beds with the boys. Pastor Cowan slept in the room with his own personal fan because he snores too loud. HAHA.

Okay, we gonna have to continue Part III next time. My brain is tired already.