05 June 2014

Thailand Part IV.

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I know this is supposed to the last part of the trip, but I realized that it's not even close to the ending yet. Oh goodness. I shall start naming the post after this based on the places we go or the things we do. No more Part V since the rest is our one day holiday, sort of. Haha.

Anyways, so after spending a great one week at Santisuk, it was back down to the city of Chiangrai. We all went back to the Vineyard Outreach, dropped our bags and boxes, and immediately got up to Pastor Randall's ride and go hunt street food. And to 7-11 of course. Pastor Cowan drove the beauty. 

We ate like we havn't been eating for the past three days. Especially them boys. Oh how I remember now of my favorite barbequed pork ribs that only cost RM5 for a half slab. Why you so yummy and cheap!

After spamming all the food, we went back and played with the children. By playing I actually mean more climbing on the boys and grabbing and taking selfies.

It was already evening and we wanted to have a nice dinner with Pastor Randall so I went up to shower and stuff. When I came down, the kids were like waiting. It's like they never lfet the 'garden' at all. So funny and cute actually. They brought us around the place and showed us their home-grown mini watermelons and tomatoes and pineapples and a lot more. Then, more selfies :)

Dinner was really yummy, so no photos because busy swallowing. Haha. Did we go to Tesco for a while after dinner? I think no.. I can't remember.. We got back to the house and we did this one last thing with the kids. 

I cannot believe it has been weeks since we came home. It's all good. It's all good.