13 June 2014

People Who Matter.

Some of the things in my life that if I start talking about it for a long time I can start having tears.

One of it is as the title above.

Things like these I LOVE:

Getting together for lunch during a working day.
So, we 'spontaneously' went for mee sotong today and despite it being one of the shortest lunch we had, it was one of the best. Just because. 

Getting text messages from them.
Both janice and Jaryn texts me almost few days once to check on how Vanessa is doing. This always encourages me and my family. What made it even sweeter was the fact that they didn't go through Koay to ask me. They personally text me about it. I've gained two sisters, guys. Best thing ever. 

Stranger/Business Associate turned friend.
Asia's Sales Manager from Contiki Singapore came to Penang for a product briefing/training session and I like how from just being colleagues, we managed to sit down at the office's dining area and just have conversations about life like how friends do. No awkwardness no formality. Just like friends. Position shall not be the thin wall that separates people, yes?

A boyfriend that acts like a best friend.
One time, I craved for mee sotong so bad but never got the chance to eat because of the busy schedule. He purposely went to have mee sotong the very next day with his client, snapped a photo and whatsapped me. That's all he did. NO TAPAU ALSO! So, this time I obviously want to payback. Haha. And failed big time. *stares*

Momzie who loves cooking.
Mrs Khoo always wants to cook our favorite food and always asking us what we want to eat on a daily basis. Always putting us first before herself. Momzie.. She wanted to roast chicken tonight but we got not much time can't enjoy. Momzie best.