25 August 2014

Crazy & Tough.

This is seriously insane.

It feels like forever since I last post something. Haha.

Oh, such an exciting month it has been. 

I've always had this feeling when something crazy is about to happen. More like for time kind of feeling.

Like in the year 2010 towards the end of it, I had a feeling that 2011 was going to be one crazy year. It was just a feeling that's inside for the whole month of December 2010. Crazy in the sense that I was going to be challenged to be out of my comfort zone.

True enough, it turned out to be one of the craziest year I've lived so far. Not that I've lived many many years. I'm still very young. 

From having my appendix perforated and infected my whole stomach and intestines to ending an eight years of relationship with an amazing person to losing my grandfather to cancer. These three is enough to make one person go crazy for an entire year. 

Obviously I didn't go crazy crazy. It was a tough year. Toughest year ever so far.

The funny thing was when all these craziness happen to me, it didn't shock me. Not in that sense like I didn't expect it coming. 

Okay, how do I put this into words?

Hmm.. it's more like when it happens, immediately I got reminded back in December 2010 when I had that feeling.

That same feeling came to me in July this year. Just a month ago.

I felt that August was going to be a tough month. I don't know how but I just had that feeling.

Needless to say, August is the most difficult month this year.

So many things happened this month and it's really a mixture of both good and bad. I still have one week left in this miserable month. It would be nice to get out of August and into September. 

Okay, enough of my randomness here. 

p.s I no longer have the desire to continue my candy crush. I found a new game which I super love.