27 August 2014

What Directions?

I am so bad at directions you have no idea.

That or maybe I'm just too lazy to think of the routes leading to my destination.

And I do sales for a living.

Such irony of life.

And I love driving.


This is interesting.

In about 1 hour, I will be experiencing for the first time in my life such a thing. No, not tattoo. I'm going to a shop where they are famous for making people slim. I called them, googled and called them again to ask exactly where their shop is. I hope they don't thinkI'm such a noob in this. Burmah Road is really a very long road okayyy! 

And no, I did not pay to go for some slimming course. 

I was selected to get this award. Can't believe I actually used the word award. Heh. Selected sumore as if I need to go for some slimming sessions. No, don't say anything. Haha.

I 'participated' in a 'contest' sort of and was one of their 10 winners. I actually hoped to get selected for the sake of my scar. That horrible 13cm long eh scar.

Even until now, I haven't really want to blog about it because mentally not ready to show the world my scar, and it's been like what? 3 years? 

Okay, more updates on this award.

Hope all goes well :)