22 August 2014

Welcome Home MH17.

MH17, an international passenger flight was shot down on 17th July 2014.

There were no survivors. In fact, it is believed that the passengers might not even know what hit them. 

This is the deadliest airline shootdown in history and Malaysia Airlines' worst incident. Not to mention just months before, MH370 went missing from the radar and even until now, still not found.

Today, as I listened to the radio and read updates from Facebook, I have goosebumps all day. 

I don't personally know anyone on board this ill-fated flight but I shed a few tears today as the bodies came home.

When I typed the words WELCOME HOME MH17, it really did something inside. I really meant it. Welcome home, passengers of MH17. Welcome home.

This is home. 

Malaysia is our home.

I don't know how to write this post. I'm just everywhere. 

I just read most, if not all of the passengers life stories told by their wife, parents, grandparents, best friends and children. 

It's really so heartbreaking. 

Rest in peace, crew members and passengers of MH17.

Crew members:

  1. Mastura Mustafa (F)
  2. Ahmad Hakimi Hanapi (M)
  3. Hamfazlin Sham Mohamed Arifin (F)
  4. Nur Shazana Mohamed Salleh (F)
  5. Dora Shahila Kassim (F)
  6. Lee Hui Pin (F)
  7. Angeline Premila Rajandaran (F)
  8. Chong Yee Pheng (F)
  9. Azrina Yakob (F)

  1. Foo Ming Lee (M)
  2. Karamjit Singh Karnail Singh (M)
  3. Ng Qing Zheng (M)
  4. Mabel Anthony Samy (F)
  5. Paul Rajasingam / Sivagnanam (M)
  6. Elisabeth Ng Lyeti (F)
  7. Ariza Ghazalee (F)
  8. Muhammad Afif Tambi (M)
  9. Noor Rahimmah Mohd Nor (F)
  10. Mohd Ali Md Salim (M)
  11. Hasni Hardi Parlan (M)