13 August 2014

My Two Angels at Work.

Remember about three months ago I had this incident where I had to pay RM150 to get my car back? Nah, go read first.

Since that incident, I learnt my lesson and I no longer park at places where people are not supposed to park.

Because of that, I had to park behind my office at the lorong and because I start work at 9am, the usual slots that are usually still available are the back ones. The ones most far from my office.

Of course I learnt also to not mind walking that distance if that means that I don't have to be worried when I'm at work about my car. 

So, all this while I have been happily parking at my usual spot with no nonsense.

Of course there are more parking spaces nearer to the office but they are usually taken care of by people. There's one chinese uncle who's always angry and shouting at people and then there's one indian uncle with sour face also most of the time. 

I don't want to park at their territory not because they are rude and always asking for money, but the fact that I always go out of office to meet clients so when I park my car, it's usually for less than 3 hours.

Despite them being rude (at me once), I constantly smile and calls them 'Uncle' just to show respect. 

Then, this weird thing happened last week. 

Oh wait! The chinese uncle also somehow expanded his territory over the years and the front part of the lorong (nearest to the office) are also reserved by him by putting his plastic chairs on them. 

Okay, back to the story. As I drove past the 2 uncles in the morning last week, the chinese uncle waved at me to stop my car and wind down my window. I was a bit puzzled because I wasn't gonna park at his area. 

To my surprise, he went on and asked me to park at one of the plastic chair reserved slot. I wasn't sure of it but he kept insisting. So, I did and I said thank you. That was when I saw one of the biggest warmest smile from him. My heart was filled that morning. 

After few hours, I was on my way going out and there he was again smiling and waving to me. 

Not only that, every morning after that, he would always ask me to park there. Now, its sort of became my parking slot and I didn't even have to pay for anything.

Story is not over yet.

Then, there's this one security guard who works in One Academy College. He usually takes care of the back door. He's new because I haven't seen him before.

Ever since the chinese uncle asked me to park at his reserved slot, this security guard has been the nicest ever. Everytime he sees me, we talked a little. Usually it's the basic things like, "Sudah makan ah?".

Then, he became even nicer. Everytime when he sees my car turn in from a corner to park, he would stand up from his chair and sometimes out of the college just to remove the chairs for me. Then, when I leave sometimes, he would put the chair back to the slot so that no one else will park.

It's crazy because I don't even remember talking to both of them before as I parked very very far from them usually. 

Just two days ago, he even told me that he will take care of my car when I'm in office, just in case when the MPPP people come and want to tow cars away. He continued telling me that last week two cars were towed away by the MPPP.

I don't know what I did to deserve all this.

The funny thing is it happened at the right time.

I was having so much difficulty at work for the past two weeks, feeling really demotivated and just unhappy. Not unhappy with my work but just the whole concept of waking up at 8am every morning to go work. Yes, sleep is very important to me. It could be that I was really having very less sleep lately too. 

So, when this happened, immediately I was reminded that God is taking care of me. He is interested in my everyday life and He knows best. 

It's nothing big but these two men who was once strangers to me now became my angels because what they did changed everything. 

Thank You Jesus for everything.