05 August 2014

One Year Three Months.

I think if I continue to post photos or blog about this baby, people might just start thinking that she's mine.

But I cannot tahan. Such precious ball of cuteness.

Actually, she's mine. 

My sister says we share share. Hahaha.

She haven't reach two years old and sometimes it felt like she's already pass that age. 

She walks really fast now and she doesn't really cry easily when she hits the wall or something. Back when I was at her age, I cried at everything. I kid you not. I don't remember it but so I've been told about my childhood times.

Anyways, I love that at this age she is beginning to understand what we talk about around her. 

She knows:

that we're going out when we come out of the room wearing nice clothes. Her own interpretation of nice clothes I guess. Once I walked out wearing a dress and she came to me immediately and said, "Kai kai" and pointed at the door.

when she is full and do not want anymore food. This may be surprising to many of you but yes, there are times she will say, "No" when you offer her mam mam. Next time, observe her lips when she says "No" cutest I tell you.

where her belly button is. She is obsessed with it. The photo above shows that her hand is searching for it. 

how to smile with her head tilted to the side when you hold a phone in front of her as though you taking her picture. TRY IT!

where grandma is when she couldn't find her in the living room. In the kitchen. 

where the food is. Everytime when she's hungry, she would walk to the front part of the kitchen and slowly try her best to get things from the shelf. That or she will keep repeating "mam mam" and calling us at the same time.

how to ask for the iPad, but that happens once in a blue moon thank God. That also she watches max 10 minutes of cartoons singing and that's it. She herself has no interest using this electronic. So good.

and understands most of the things we say to her or ask her. At least that's what we think lah. 

where her shoes are kept because "kai kai" is like her favorite thing to do now.

how to wait when we ask her to wait while we settle some things.

how to differentiate hot things and cold things. 

how to take selfie with our handphones. No kidding. Give her your handphone and then ask her, "How to take picture?" and "How you smile?". She will immediately turn the phone back and look into the camera and say "Smile!" 

how to listen to you when you speak to her. I love this attitude of hers. She will look at you and listen until finish saying d only make her noise or walk away. Haha. 

 my name when you say "ee ee". 

that Kelly is the only one in the family that she can bully. Haha. This one you have to witness in person. It's probably more kids out there that she bullies. Such a big bully.

that she is loved by many. My grandma didn't want to come to our house because she found out that Sha Lynn was at Cameron Highlands earlier last week. What is this.

Love you, Sha Lynn.