29 September 2014

29 Randoms.

Suddenly craving for white coffee.

Still got all three love letters not paid. 

www.whattwoeathere.com needs to be updated at least once a week.

Rock sugar amazes me in a weird way.

Two of the love letters are nowhere to be found.

I'm beginning to not like Milo or chocolate drink.

The extension cord on my table is already spoilt.

Why most of the random things here are about food?

Thinking of kopi-o with marshmallows at Huey & Wah.

I need to go watch Equalizer really soon.

October is happening after tomorrow.

Sometimes, one baby cockroach will come crawling out from somewhere near my keyboard.

I have a beauty whitening mask on my office table.

Appreciate everything that you have.

I also have expired concentrated ribena on the table.

I have one packet of Ipoh White Coffee on my table but very reluctant to drink it.

Mom asked me to get corns from the highlands but I only came back with two small boxes of strawberries and two packets of really hot chilli.

I need new flip-flops to wear in office.

I want to do something extraordinary to my hair.

Thinking of going without meat for a week.

I won a flask from my company's lucky draw.

I prefer Starbucks over Coffee Bean.

The bag I ordered finally came.

I didn't get to eat Mamu today.

I got one more spa session that's due this month.

They extended the date for me though.

I like using lip balm now.

I should be heading home now but I'm still here trying to think of the last random point.

I'm tired.