22 September 2014

3D2N Malacca Part II.

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Barely slept through night one, when the sun was up on day two, we quickly got up and took our turns to use the toilet. I was the last since I needed to catch up on my sleep that I didn't have at night. Heh.

First meal of course has to be chicken rice ball. We walked out from Guli Residence and it was just few streets away to the main Jonker Street where all the happenings are.

As expected, the famous original chicken rice ball shop was filled with humans and more human lining up outside along the street. What we didn't expect was the line would be THAT long and under hot sun some more. 

Now, we were very hungry because we slept passed breakfast so yeah.

After discussing, we decided to walk down the Jonker Street and eat at the other shop where they also serve assam fish. We walked there and the shop hasn't even open yet. Maybe that's why the previous shop has such a ridiculous long queue. We waited for the shop to open (in about 10 minutes since we arrived) and best thing was we were the second set of people in line. Yay to quicker makan session. We were planning to spam kau kau since we were all so hungry. 

While waiting, Rachel went to get some Malacca goodies for appetizer. This one mini Portugese egg tart is yums. Then, we had yam balls and sweet potato balls. Malacca people must be quite lazy to come out with all this ball ideas. 

Hungry souls.

The shop opens at 1030am and the rice balls were not even ready yet so we settled for un-ball-ed oily aromatic rice. In the end, the food was just okay. Penang's chicken rice could easily be better anytime. Need to buck up, Malacca!

After makan till our belly expanded to its max, we walked around and became typical tourists, taking typical shots with those beautiful ruins. Since we've been here so many times, we didn't go up. We walked around it and then spent quite some time in the shopping mall. 

We bought Gula Melaka, dodoi and all the Malacca goodness. Then, we walked some more and ended up with more shopping items. One of the best holidays ever because it was so fun to buy things without having to think for too long. 

But then again I did take quite long to decide on a 'jumpsuit' that I really like. Heh.

After shopping and sitting down at Starbucks for a while, we headed back to Guli Residence with snack food from the Taiwanese stall. Their deep friend large chicken is smaller than the ones we have in Penang. Boohoo. 

We got back to our room, rested and took a 30 minutes nap. Being a tourist is quite a tiring thing. For us at least. Mom and Vanessa continued with their shopping along Jonker Street. Like I said earlier, IT IS VERY CONVENIENT TO STAY AT GULI RESIDENCE! 

So, after resting we got ready to head out for dinner and jalan-jalan at Jonker Street. We walked to the famous Capitol Satay Celup but again, we were greeted by hundreds of people in one line. Okay, maybe not hundreds but it's seriously a lot of people. 

Perks of travelling with your better half - no need to carry any bag/handbags :) All put inside his bag can already. LOVE IT!

Tak boleh tahan so we walked back to the riverside and had Thai food for dins. It was a very yummy dinner, a bit too expensive perhaps. Also, had the best iced lemon tea everrr. You can see the photo in my Instagram :)

Before we head over to Jonker Walk, we decided to take the evening cruise. We wanted to see sunset but the haze in Malacca was so bad that all we get was gloomy sky, but still the place were packed with humans.

Then, we walked and spent the rest of our night at Jonker Street, where we shopped and shopped and just get things that were cheap and cute. 

Koay ended up getting the camping lights that we might need. Oh and one multi-knife-scissors-thing. No points for guessing who was happiest boy that night!

Oh ya, then on the way back to our residence, we saw this Satay Celup on wheels and since we weren't able to taste the famous one, why not try this one out. Indeed, it was no match. Haha. I'm sorry but it really tasted horrible and super expensive. 4 sticks of anything for RM10 is seriously too expensive.

The night was still young. So, after dropping our things, we all (except the baby and baby's parents), we went to another cafe by the riverside and hang out. We had Somersby, Blackcurrant Juice, Iced Lemon Tea, deep fried squid and cocktail sausages.

That was all it needed to end that perfect night.

We walked back and call it a night. 

Not for Koay.

Koay was determined to go somewhere and watch one Man Utd match. 

He then asked the host of Guli Residence, James. James is the owner's son who takes care of the place and lives there at night whether there are some mamak place or anywhere nearby we could watch football. James wasn't too sure so he offered to bring him around the area to check it out.

Then, James voluntarily took out 2 bicycles and brought Koay around to find a place that has TV. I was in the room waiting for his news.

Then, they came back smiling.

James then took another bicycle that isn't too big for me. He also insisted that I cycle around Guli Residence first before I follow Koay there. 

Seriously. I have never have such a nice friendly kind host before. Thank you James (if you happen to be reading this!)

Koay then quickly led the way to the place. We went through rows of heritage houses/shoplots and by the riverside. 

I didn't expect this to be a great cycling 'trip' since it was last minute and it was quite a rushed thing. But it turns out amazing. 

It was nice to have him kept looking back at me to make sure I was okay. He was ready to take the bigger route if I wasn't okay with my cycling skills. Well, obviously I didn't fall into the river and we came back in one piece.

I managed to cycle through those narrow paths with no problems okay haha.

It was such a fun night out for the both of us. If anything, it felt like we were on our honeymoon and felt like our first time going for a holiday together. It felt nice :)

Thank you James for your bicycles. For never even hesitating lending them to us and trusting that we will take good care of it or that we will run away with it. Haha. You're an amazing person. Your whole family is! :)

I was actually planning to finish off updating about the trip in this Part II, but I guess not. Stay tuned for Part III because my head is going to implode soon enough.