24 September 2014

I'll Always Be A Student.

"You student ah?"

"You're working already? I thought you college student.."

"You look so young, like a student"

Things I hear when strangers talk to me. Nothing new. Nothing biggie also. It just hit me today that in a few months' time I will celebrate my twenty-seventh. In few months.. MONTHS. *swallows hard*

Even that, I still get these questions. 

Today in Tesco when I did the last minute stop to get Chek Hup White Coffee 2-in-1 for the company's trip to Cameron this Saturday. 

He's from the magic booth that they strategically set up in the middle of the pathway so whether you are going to Tesco or leaving Tesco, you still have to walk pass them.

Going in to get the coffee, he walked to me and asked for few minutes and I politely rejected him and smiled. Then, he paused very suddenly while taking small steps towards me and asked, "You student ah?"

I said, "No, working already!"

He gave me the no-way-i-don't-believe-you and I just shook my head and "mm-hmm" him. 

Of course I took that as a compliment. It's always nice to get "you look young" comments than "you look older than your age" comments. But it got me thinking for real. 

Needless to say when I was leaving Tesco, I purposely avoid any eye contact but failed terribly. He looked at me and gave me the widest smile and said bye. How cute.

Anyways, there are a lot of pros and cons in this kind of situation.

For work, it's not entirely bad but it leans more to that. Sometimes because I looked 'young', my clients tend to take longer time to be convinced of the things that I'm capable of doing. Thankfully, my boss doesn't see that and she really does try her best to groom me and give me experiences.

Do you know that I have been working for 2 years now and sometimes new clients look at me and they thought I've only started work? That I just left college not too long ago.. Yeah.

For everything else other than work, it's been good so far. I still get student discounts to some places. Thank you KDU College. Your student card is best student card everrr :)

At least for now, everything seems good. this young face/body that I have (thank you God!), it really doesn't bother me much. Hopefully it never will. Hopefully it will only bring goodness and more goodness.

One thing though.

I do think that people will give me their judgement when they see me in my wedding dress or when I get pregnant in the future. Maybe not so much when I kahwin but if random strangers see my pregnant belly in the streets, sure their mind will fly. All the drama stories will begin. Haha.


They will be like:

"Look at this small girl. So young only get married d. Sure accident d that's why kahwin so early.."


"Wah! So young marry d ah. Why so hurry?"


"She so young pregnant d?"


"That girl is pregnant! She's like what? 18 years old?"


"Look at that girl! She's probably still studying in college and she's pregnant!"


"Ayorr. So young only. Still student already pregnant.."

Hahaha. I can write all this because I'e done it before. As in see other people and if they look student-young and pregnant, my mind straight jumps into conclusion that.. like mentioned above. Haha. I know it's very bad but yeah.

I really did encountered some cases in college when REAL STUDENTS actually got themselves pregnant and still attending class like a boss. So, these things are real okay. Maybe not so much in Malaysia but still there are cases in local colleges. 

So yeah.

I think at some point now, I should start wearing heels. I don't know why but I guess wearing heels give me an impression of a more adult person. I feel most comfortable when I'm in flats and being short was NEVER an issue for me. 

I never want to be tall.

Now that Koay and I are at 'perfect' heights whenever we are next to each other, I see no reason why I should change that. I mean I love it that he's just taller than me at the right amount of inches. When I hug him, my face lands perfectly at his chest-shoulder area. Although I do really like looking at tall people, and animal. *points the photo above*

One of my favorite animals in zoo. The only one I care enough to take a photo with actually. Heh.

So, I might even consider wearing flats for my wedding. Hah. Please don't think that I gila kahwin since I kept talking about it. I like to think of it more of preparing for the future.

Let us all not be in that 'zone' where girls must not talk about the wedding and stuff (at least not in public like this!) when the guys hasn't even propose and stuff.

I think it's perfectly fine because we both know exactly where we are heading.

Back to this. 

So for the sake of looking like a twenty-six, I should and would do more heels than flat from now onwards. Wait.. or maybe because I'm still wearing braces? Could be that.. Hmm.


Which lady wouldn't want to be mistaken as a younger person? WHO? 

N O B O D Y.

By the way, everyone is a student till the day they say goodbye to earth, technically since we learn things everyday.. Right? Heh.