23 September 2014

3D2N Malacca Part III.

Part I
Part II

Final part of this short getaway.

Seriously I could have just put update on one long post, don't know why so itchy go and separate into three different ones.

Anyways, spent our last night at Guli Residence with so much comfort. I remember sleeping till don't know what time. Even when the light was shining so brightly on my face through the window. Speaking of it, I'm starting to really miss that place :(

We packed and stuffed whatever we can into our bags and we were ready to leave. Not before we have our final goodbye with Mr Lai and his family. Mr Lai then recommended a chinese restaurant near Zoo Melaka (our final pit stop before heading home) for our lunch.

The only photo I have of the inside (lobby) of Guli Residence.

He even told us what to order and what NOT to order. Gotta love it when locals recommend local goodness to us. 

True enough, the char siew was super yummy and delicious and melts in your mouth like butter (okay, maybe not like butter..) and the wan tan mee than he asked us NOT to order was indeed horrible. Good thing we only ordered one bowl.

Vanessa realized that she had left a pair of shoes (the one I got for her from Japan!) back at Guli Residence and it was quite a distance to drive back again to the town area. Not to mention don't know how long it's going to take us to escape from the traffic.

So, we called Mr Lai and double checked with him if the shoes are indeed left behind, he said yes and he also volunteered to drive to Hup Huat Restaurant to pass it back to us. 


He didn't even earn that much money from us, I think. He even cooked porridge for baby girl for every meal. Not just any ordinary porridge okay. Sliced fish fillet with dried scallops. It was yums.

Seriously, if this is one of their marketing strategy, they pulled it off just fine. Sorry,w e forgot to take any photos with you, Mr Lai. Next time okay!

Now, we won't even look for other place to stay whenever we want to go down to Malacca. It's going to be Guli Residence. Thank you again Guli Residence for your kindest hospitality and your go-extra-mile service. You guys are superb!

After double ordering of the char siew and fried dumplings, we drove to Zoo Melaka and again, everyone else on earth decided to be there as well. The more the merrier. Okay.

Before we decided for sure that Zoo Melaka was going to be part of the itinerary, I googled and it says that "Zoo Melaka is one of the best zoo in Malaysia."


Let me tell you. It is NOT one of the best. It should be one of the WORSE.

I put my expectations so high only to have it crushed down at the end of the 'journey'. Wahhh. Seriously where got zoo so messy? The pathways were surrounded with tall grass. So bushy and so not well kept. 

No need to mention that the animals were either sleeping or sleeping, that one they cannot do much I guess, I don't know. It's just how does that make it to one of the best zoo in Malaysia? Seriously.. Malu betul. 

I think I should buy a zoo and make sure it's top notch or something. Wait.. that's not a bad idea huh. When I become rich.. Muahaha. 

Anyways, despite the horrible surroundings, we have our own fun here and there. We didn't stay long in the zoo obviously so after that, we left the land cencaluk and went straight to Pavilion in KL for some final shopping and dinner. 

Then, we were stuck in KL traffic jam for a while and got home at about 10-11pm. 

Despite feeling extremely tired, I was still excited and happy because the next day no work. Heh. Slept through the night like a baby except I woke up at 7am! *faints*

It seems to me that my body clock has tuned herself into waking up before the usual alarm goes off. Even when the alarm if off, the body still wakes up by her own. Story of my life.

So yeah, end of this super short getaway. Short but exactly what I needed.