26 September 2014

Two Downs and One Up.

I wrote in my Twitter, "Oh, I'm an angry girl now."

Everything that can go wrong went wrong today.

Okay, not really actually.

The day started pretty well I have to say.

Dad and mom got me my favorite nasi lemak from the market and we finalized the details for the trip tomorrow.

Then, I left office and went on with my appointments and everything is well. 

Until I had that hunch to just click on that DiGi app in my phone and check my phone bill. I've just made an online payment of RM100 two days ago and now they are still telling me that I still have certain amount pending. 

So, I got very curious and a bit furious. Haha.

I scrolled down and I saw this! *points below*

As far as I know, I have been using iDiGi Internet 88 with RM20 rebate when I got my goldii earlier this year.

I have been thinking of getting an upgrade on the data plan since 1gb is definitely not enough for me.

This is what happened few weeks ago:

I called the Digi helpline and got the information I needed. The lady on the phone who happens to be from the HQ in KL told me that the only upgrade that I am entitled to (since I'm still in the iPhone 5s contract till Dec 2015) is iDiGi Internet 108 with 5gb of data plan and some other benefits like free 300 minutes of calls etc.

So I asked further on the current rebate that I have and if there is any penalty that I have to pay if I wanted the 3gb one instead of 5gb.

She said yes I will still get my RM20 rebate. So, that means that I will only be paying RM88 for 5gb internet plan monthly. That I'm totally fine because it's actually quite cheap.

So, I agreed and asked her to proceed to do the upgrading through the phone. Unfortunately, I didn't get my upgrade that day due to some system upgrading in DiGi centres all across Malaysia. So fine.

One week passed and I decided to go to DiGi Centre in Pulau Tikus to get them done.

After waiting for an hour, I finally got to talk to this guy named Tim. I only knew his name today. I'll explain more. So read on.

I went to his desk and told him what I wanted etc. He did a quick check on his laptop and gave me the same reply as the lady on the phone one week ago. This time though he wasn't too sure if I will still get my rebate and he also did mentioned that there might be some penalty charges.

I was rushing for work so he suggested that I go on with my work and he will call me once the system upgrade is done and he know for sure on some of my above questions.

Till today, I did not receive any call or sms from him. None. Zero. Elek.

So, I went back to using my normal 1gb data plan for another week. I hesitated to go back since he mentioned that there might be penalty. So, I was thinking to drop this thing off my shoulder. No need think about it d. Just use more wifi or ask Andrew and Nikki to share theirs. Heh.

Today, when I saw that I'm currently using the iDiGi Internat 108, I straight ki-siau. Not literally, but emotionally.

I was like, "WHY HE UPGRADE FOR ME AND I DON'T EVEN REMEMBER AGREEING TO IT!" All this was said in the back of my mind. None was said out loud.

I was so upset that I drove like F1 from Suntech to Pulau Tikus. I just wanted this solved. 

I'm not going to pay RM108 every month for something that I didn't even agree on in the first place.

I got there, crossed my arm and stood at the corner of his desk. He saw me obviously but he was still attending to another client. So, I just stood there and waited. He's the one on the most left, attending to the guy in black.

I didn't even take a number and line up. I didn't think I have to. I felt like a VIP just because I feel used. Or lied to. Anyhow, just furious lah.

When the person in front of me left, I went to his table.

Me: Do you remember me?
Tim: Yes... Okay..*tried to explain something but I cut him off*

I went on explaining what happened like mentioned above and all.

My questions:

  • How come DiGi upgrade my data plan without my verification? I thought must show IC?
  • Why was it upgraded? I never say I want to.
  • You said you will call me back to let me know how much. You didn't call and straight upgrade?
  • Since it's already done, do I get a rebate? How about penalty?
  • It's stated in the flyer iDiGI Internet 108 is for 5gb, how come I only see 3gb on my screen?

His explanation:

  • "I thought you said directly upgrade"
  • "HQ in KL took your case as a testing platform after the system upgrade"
  • "They want to see if this case scenario can be successfully done without penalty"
  • "Check your next bill and if there's no rebate, we will manually add the rebate for you"

He didn't really answer some of my questions and there were doubt in his voice, so in the end, he wrote me his personal number and asked me to text him if my bill comes out wrong.

I walked out, feeling lost a little.

I was quite happy that now I have enough internet and don't need to beg people to share with me, but at the same time I still feel a little upset. 

I really don't like people doing things without my permission. I HATE IT. Especially things that concern me. 

I mean, excuse me DiGi, if you want me to be your guinea pig and you did without informing me, you should pay me. Hah. And I never agree to becoming your test to see if its going to be a successful thing.

What if it's not? Then I will have to go through all the hassle in and out of the centre just to deal with it.

Okay, enough of me on this subject.

Guess what I saw today also.

Another love letter.

My third love letter this year. January, April and September. Very goooood.

Really padan muka.

I was feeling really lazy to park so far and walk so might as well park at a corner where it doesn't block anyone, right?


Drove back to office and waved/smiled at the indian uncle. I could hear his "Darling!" before I came out of the car. Little things that makes everything better again, and no, calling me darling doesn't make it better. It's just his face immediately got lighted up when he saw me that made it better. Heh.

He opened my passenger side door and smiled. 

Then, he said, "Barang you sudah jatuh" I was like, "Apa benda?"

He then picked up the one thing that I thought I have lost. MY SHADES!

Boy, I became the happiest girl again! I was so sad when I couldn't find it yesterday. SO SO SAD. Good thing I never go Gurney and buy immediately. My shades are very important to me, if you don't already know that.

So yay.