05 September 2014

Real Room Escape: Break The Code.

If you read my blog often, you would know that I try my best to plan things to do during public holidays. It could be roadtrips, food trip or just anything.

This time, I saw a great deal on Groupon on this interesting adventure. Normal price usually about RM30+ per person right, Groupon is selling at only RM25 per person.

Since we've always wanted to try this out but never did because so expensive, I thought that the replacement holiday could use an activity. So, I went ahead and bought for 12 people. Crazy hor.

Koay even 'questioned' me because I straight buy for 12 people without having 12 people saying yes to this activity. Haha.

At first, I was quite nervous because I was either lacking of one or two people, but thank God all spaces were filled. Heh.

So, we met at Belisa Row at 3:30pm and since maximum number of people allowed in one category/room is up to 8 people, we decided to split into two groups.

The Crazy Lab (zombie apocalypse) and Detective X.

It is said that Detective X is the hardest of all four and Crazy Lab is probably the second hardest.

We picked our category and started our adventure. 

Detective X
Adrian//Eulene//Joshua//Le Anne//Le Roy//Sarah

Crazy Lab

Both teams did not manage to complete it within 60 minutes. Boohoo. We were all so close to the finishing line. SO CLOSE OKAY! If only we have extra 30 minutes. If only.

I don't know about the Crazy Lab, but for Detective X, everything looked so real in it and all the clues were amazing. We have 3 hints which mean when we press on the bell, a helper will come in and help us solve a 'puzzle' by giving us hints etc. A few times, I was mind blown. The clues/puzzles all very clever lah. Love it!

Goofing around with the props. Ben is definitely having a lot of fun :)

Celebrity shot with our Nikki Minaj. This photo makes my day, anytime. Siau lang.

I'm quite adventurous in trying out new hairstyle. This one big no-no.

It was only one hour, but it was filled with so much fun. More fun than I expected.

Ahh, another Public Holiday well spent :)

Next Public Holiday will be spent out of Penang! EIGHT more days till vacation! :)