04 November 2014

External Charger.

I have been wanting to get an external charger for quite some time already since the last two that I bought kaput already. 

Groupon is one of the place that I searched at and usually I just exit the page without making any purchase although some seems like a pretty good deal. I even saw one that can insert my Goldii in without using any cable but it was above my budget. That's why I never got any because that money is needed for something more important. 

God really knows what our heart's desires are and what we really need. 

Today, I received an external charger from Club Med and it's 100% can charge my Goldii 3 times full! 

It even comes with a percentage indicator. Only God knows how much I like gadgets with percentage indicators! 

I don't even have to get any powerbank anymore so nice! 

Little things like that. Thank You!