27 November 2014

Sha Lynn, Pattern Queen.

Days when all the things that can go wrong will and did go wrong.

Days when the lover and I are not in good terms, mostly because of really petty things that we will end up laughing at in the end of the day anyways.

Days when I have meetings back to back and it's been a really long day.

Days when I control the things I eat and sometimes that affects my mood really badly because I don't get to eat the food I crave because I want to lose some stomach fats.

Days when eight hours of sleep is not enough and I'm a grumpy girl.

Days when I have too many things to do.

Days when PMS hit me and I'm like a walking tornado.

Days when I need to go out somewhere but feel super lazy to do so.

Days like these, I'm thankful for the pattern queen. She doesn't have to do much to turn my bad days around and make my good days get even better.