19 November 2014

Why I Never Join 2014's Penang Bridge Marathon?

I heard from somewhere that it's quite expensive this year because they were having it for the first time at the Second Penang Bridge, so I didn't even bother checking out how much since this year I really need to save.

I am no longer as fit as I would like myself to be.

Trauma from last year's experience. No, nothing bad happened. Koay's leg was injured so we WALKED the entire 10km which killed all my enthusiasm to run this year. I don't know whether if it really affected me that way though. Heh.

Not really a run-kind-of person.

I assumed that it was going to be TOO crowded at the Second Bridge since there's 20,000 extra people who signed up this year.

No one jio me.

I am slowly disliking running for don't know what reason also.

Finding time to go on a date with the lover, grabbing more sleep on the weekends and running errands also not enough time already. No need to think of running marathon.

I don't think I can finish before the allocated time?

Koay didn't want to join so no partner to walk run with this time.

I've signed up for the Color Run in December, which is also 10km. Once a year can already :)

I'm lazy.