08 November 2014

Muthu, The Promoted Bangla.

Today, we had our lunch here. After lunch, we were supposed to drop by Muthu Frozen Food to get Cheddar, Parmesan, Mozzarella cheese and a box of cooking cream for mom.

While we were driving back from lunch, he was driving on the left lane when I suddenly remembered that we were supposed to head over to Muthu's, and the turning was just right in front.

"Muthu! Muthu! Right! Turn Right!!

I shouted in shock because I SUDDENLY remembered and didn't want to miss that turn. He obviously forgot about getting those cheese. 

Then, he quickly put on the right signal and cut into the right-est lane.

"Excuse me, my name is Adrian, not Muthu okay."

I looked at him, confused. 

"Muthu! Muthu! Right! Turn Right!!"

I laughed out loud alright. I didn't even realize it came out sounding like that.

He actually thought I called him Muthu! 

One of the funniest moment in the car for sure.

Everyone, please meet Muthu, no longer called a Bangla. Promoted already :)