28 November 2014

Spine Pain.

Blogging from Klinik Huang now. There's 13 more people before its my turn so why not do something productive. Heh. 

I have been having some discomfort/pain on my lower back spine and the pain seemed to have gotten worse day by day. 

How I actually measure that is by carrying Sha Lynn and it gets more painful each passing day. That or she's really gaining more weights now. Hah. 

The last time I had an xray on my spine was 2 years ago and was told that my spine curves very obviously to the left but it won't cause any issues since I was either born with it or grew up with it. 

It cannot be old age since I'm only 26! So young okayy. But if it is, that just means my internal is growing old too fast. This is weird!

I honestly don't know what it could be. 

It couldn't be the pain from Gunung Irau cos that's like weeks ago. I didn't fall down or knock anything. Not that I can remember knocking on anything. 

There are no bruises, cuts or anything bulging out. Fats don't count okay. 

So, we'll just have to see what the doctor says. 

Pray for me please thank you! 

UPDATES: It's most likely muscle and ligament tension. Doc gave me meds to relax my body and back. Yay! No bone issue! ✌️