24 April 2014

Sha Lynn's One Year and Guan You's One Month.

Since Guan You's (my cousin's newly born baby boy) is celebrating his full moon on the 19th (which is the day Sha Lynn was born a year ago) at Homes Chef Garden, we decided that Sha Lynn's 'party' would be held there as well. Nothing huge really. 

It was just family gathering over these two precious babies special occasion.

Of course, the Shas and Khoos had a proper dinner celebration for baby girl the day after over peking duck and roasted little piglet and other yummy stuff. Not that the birthday girl will remember any of it. Hah.

Anyways, it was a simple night with lots of laughter and talks in the air. All the relatives unite, really. 

We ended the night with a birthday song and God bless the birthday girl song. Then, we let her eat her mini cake by herself. Too bad there wasn't enough cream on it if not sure super cute.

Photos are not in order because I'm feeling extremely lazy today and I would like to keep my energy for the final rehearsal tonight. 

So, feast away your eyes. Some photos might be too orange. I don't know lah. I lazy and I don't like to edit. I like original. Hahaha. 

Don't know why speaking of original, immediately I thought of the green tea ice cream wafer that we had and blogged about here. CRAVING FOR IT NOW but Koay is in Ipoh no one can bring me go buy or buy for me. No, I'm not that spoilt. Hah.

One year old.