01 August 2013

Bag Organizer.

Having a big handbag is what I've always wanted. I'm the kind of girl that likes to just dump everything into the bag and off I go jalan-jalan. Things from purse, handphones to sweets, name cards and just other paper junk stuff.

And one thing I really hate is when I need to find my keys in the ocean of things! Goodness. Especially if it's at night and there's no light OR when Koay decided to dump his everything inside and then I have to find them. Lazy to do all that. Oh and when it gets heavy, it's even more crazy.

So, as I was online browsing through, I saw this bag-organizer thing and immediately I knew I have gotta get this and get my stuff organized. It finally arrived last night and boy, was I a happy lil girl.

This morning, I decided to re-arrange everything accordingly. So therapeutic la. Ladies, if you are stressed out, JUST THROW EVERYTHING THAT'S IN YOUR BAG AND RE-ORGANIZE IT! It will make you feel better. Like a feeling that you've achieved something. No kidding. Seriously! GO TRY IT NOW! Haha :)

So yeah, bought two colors so Rachel Khoo can use it also. Since now she have so many things to bring/carry whenever she's out. I think she's using a purple one. Not sure heh.

So for now, I'm loving this, a lot.