06 November 2012

Just Have To.

You know that moment when you've decided that you are not gonna spend money just before you walk into a mall?

That's what I did. Told myself that I'm not going to spend (even though I suggested that we go prangin to look for nice S2 casing) and I repeated to Koay so that he will make sure I spend no ringgit at all tonight. 

Total fail. 

It's almost impossible that I spend not on that beautiful casing (which I bought in the end)  and also changed my screen protector (so much for not spending at all, end up spend on two things!)

It's like I finally found that one thing that I really like and to walk away without it, it's just cruel and mean. Good thing Koay didn't insist on me not spending money. Heh. 

I must say that, I love it so much. So much to the extent that it feels like a whole brand new phone again. No kidding.

No regrets for this one, for sure. 

Bright colors make me oh so happy.