12 November 2012

Time and Health.

Trimester number two already.

I've always feel that time really flies. Like really really flies by us.

But looking at how the lil one is growing and how my sister is 'growing' too just gives time a totally different definition. Time flies? No.. time sneaks behind you without realizing it. It's freaky how three months passed just like that. It's freaky and crazy.

At this moment (16 weeks), lil one is starting to suck his thumb. And I'm the first one to feel him move in my sister's belly!! Okay, maybe the second one since my sister would have felt it first. No wait.. actually we both felt it together at the same time! *grins*

Can't wait for the baby to pop out. Cannot.wait.to.hold.you.and.kiss.you.and.love.you. Prayer for the momma and baby to stay healthy! :)

Even the baby stroller is my fav color. Awesome la. This baby is about to love green tooo! :) Oh btw, Jennifer Lopez and Kimora Lee Simmons also use this baby stroller, in a different color. Saja syiok wanna say. Hahaha.

Speaking of health, so I decided to spend RM1 to see how 'healthy' I am, at a shopping mall. Oh well..
First time see a machine with the blood pressure check thingy. Pretty cool.

So, the blood pressure is low and it has always been since few months ago. How to increase blood pressure heh.

I have no idea if that is considered as high rate of metabolism.. No idea at all.

Health, such precious thing in one's life. For sure, very precious to me.

Take good care of yourself, people. And stay positive all day! :)

Can't wait for some cycling tonight. It's been so long ever since I exercised.