19 November 2012


Heard this song while watching JosephGermani's latest (I think) video, Too Serious Too Soon and instantly fell in love with the song.

Not so much for the emo-ish lyric but the rhythm and melody of it. Or whatever music terms it supposed to mean.

The chorus especially. Ahhh. It's been a while ever since I go googoogaagaa over a song like that. I repeated this song for like the hundreth times already since 3 hours ago.


Because I don't know how to download youtube videos (and also can't download stuff at work), so I'll just attach its link here. Even the way the video is made with the lyrics is so simple and nice.

when you kissed on that street, i kissed you back
you held me in your arms, i held you in mine
you picked me up to lay me down
when i look into your eyes, i can hear you cry
for a little bit more of you and i
i'm drenched in your love
i'm no longer able to hold it back

(my whole favorite part of the song!)