08 November 2012

Days Like That.

One of those days again.

You woke up feeling great but then as the hours passed, more not-so-nice-things happened. (Best part of today would be the part where I've sealed two deals with two corporates and it felt so satisfying and good. It felt great)

And your mood slowly swings towards the red part.

I'm probably at that point where I passed the red point.

Not upset. Not angry. Not sad.

Just moody. Just irritated. Just annoyed, very.

I have no idea on what.

I don't like the feeling. Argh. (believe it or not, I kept drinking green tea hoping it will cool me down, sort of. Haha)

At least I actually tried doing something!

Oh ya! I went over to college at lunchtime and collected my grad photos. The part where I receive the scroll/cert/hardcpver thing, and the string of the mortarboard covered part of my face. Foto Prime, you suck BIG TIME. Even Mikael's photo is like that. Pfft.

I don't even like the picture. I look so expanded. (and again, I'm just in a really bad mood today..)

Class of 2012. (I miss doing finance..)

Good thing it's Friday tomorrow. I can't wait for Saturday night to come. Can't wait for white water rafting in few days time. (on another note, it doesn't help at all that I'm listening to slow songs now.. Hmm..)

Worry/Bad mood/Annoyed. Stop. Pray.