02 November 2012

Embarassing Moment #01

Had a really weird disturbing dream last night. So I woke up feeling so ughh. Put on a dress, a bit of eyeliner and blusher and off I went to work. Today, I drove.

Went to meet clients at Prai and Bukit Mertajam in the morning. Lunched solo at Sunway Carnival Mall. Took the ferry back. Stood at the most front of the ferry and watched the island from afar.

Why I'm listing down all the places I've been will be explained below.

So, then I went back to the office, rushed to the toilet to pee and then IT HAPPENED!

THAT MOMENT where I stopped and all the places I went and people I met today flashed back right in front of my eyes, while the whole entire time my mouth was wide opened (I walked around the mall like a boss sumore)

Okay, maybe not that dramatic. BUT STILL SO EMBARASSING! (till I wanna dig a small hole and stuck my head in it!)

I found out that my dress was not zipped up the whole entire time. And on top of that, there was a hole underneath the zip. So, that means I have one HUGE hole and one small hole on the right side of my body. Sorry right side, you were exposed accidentally. Good thing I wore a belt (that is most likely the reason to explain how come I can forget to zip up this morning!!). Also, good thing I carry my faithful longchamp on the right side. Good thing is good!

the right side of the 'crime scene.' (sees the photo and tells self *my belly is not big, my belly is not big* It's definitely the post-scar-op that makes my belly bigger than it used to be! Will update on that next time)

the sixteen centimetres gap cut into half by the belt (yes, I just measured with my office ruler)

oh, look whats that? ANOTHER HOLE. which is like seven centimetres long
*stares in disbelief*

So, overall, a total of 23cm of skin, okay maybe around 20cm (minus the belt to be exact) was exposed.
*teary eyes* (drama again)
Oh well.

at the end of the day, I will still smile and thank the Big Man that I came home still breathing. At least the 'exposed areas' are not the very important and sacred ones. Haha.

I'm sure you all have very embarassing moments too!

Have a blasting Saturday and Sunday! :)