20 November 2012

So Good.



I thought my mind was blown away already by the Big Man when I was blessed with so many things/people/events/circumstances that happened throughout the nine years of walking with Him.

Having my prayer answered to a laptop (I only pay half of total I spend on the new lappie) is already such a blessing!

But no.. that's not all.

Again and again He does it. Things that I never kinda think that it would happen on me. Or at least not so fast.

Four months ago, I joined this company with zero expectation. During that four months, I struggled and had some fun here and there. Deep inside me, I knew it was a God given career. I mean, I didn't send one resume at all after I finish my college. None. Zero. Elek. And then I got a call and here I am today.

Four months later, this happened. It's so unreal. IT'S SOO INSANE!

Like how joshyeoh would put it, blessed beyond measure. Totally!

A trip to Cherating Club Med, fully paid by the company.

Maybe I sound a lil 'too' happy and extreme, but hey, you're not in my shoe and you have no idea how it feels like. And I'm given this reward because she (branch manager) said that my performance is so good. Yes, she used those words 'SO GOOD'! *smiles*

And it's Club Med! And it's all paid for. And it's part of work. I love my job! :)

Thank you Jesus! You are so crazily awesome! :)

When God does things like that, it makes me cry. I shed tears in the car when I was trying to accept the reality of His goodness. It's insane really. God wows me every single time.