20 January 2013

Blessed One Year.

The best boyfriend isn't the best-looking, the funniest, the strongest or the richest. It's the one that makes sure you know he loves you.

I never knew you would become someone this important in my life. Someone who changed my world, literally. Someone whom when I'm with, I do things that I never thought I would ever do, ever! 

It's crazy. It's weird.
It's funny. It's extreme.
It's insane. It's strange.
It's unpredictable.
It's madness.
It's out of the world.
It's loud. It's full of surprises.
It's you and me.

And I think that kinda describes us and this adventure that we got ourselves into. From the beginning when we first became friends, I thought you were the 'guy best friend' that I'll have for a long long time.

You know that kind where I teach you how to"properly" go after girls (not that you don't know how) and checking girls/boys our together in college's canteen, hear your stories after each dating sessions, cheer loudly in your floorball matches, eat with you when you had no one else to eat with, fill you in on your curiosity of Christianity, bring you to go church and introduce you to all my friends and say that you're

actually gay, like my gay best friend kind-of-gay.Then one day, everything changed. My life changed forever. Billion of thank yous won't do it. All those midnight phone calls I made to you when I couldn't sleep, you being a driver and drive me around the whole day, teaching me how to play gin rummy and got me hooked on it, letting me bite on you when I was upset, pressured me to study for exams, cooked (sort of) for me, go for a last-minute trip together to Hatyai, taught me be-more-tough-in floorball (I was in a skirt!), introduced Mee Kuah at Abu, and being super patient with me the whole entire time.

 And all that before you even asked the question (this is the part where you will tell people "you forced me to ask one!)! I'm just very grateful for you being you and being that one dude that I can rely on completely. Love all that bang chang koay moments, love all your forehead kisses, love it when you snore (NOT!), love it when you play with Kelly, love it when you satisfy my food cravings, love it when you would come into my house like it's your own, love it when you put that extra effort to coming church even if you just slept for few hours the night before, love it when you sing (out of tune) out loud and confidently in the car, love it when you dance like no one is around you, love it that you have such a good heart and love it (a lil) when you passionately tells me about your love towards Manchester United. And today marks our one year as a couple. It's only one year? It feels like years already to me! :) 

Cheers to many many many more years to come and the many more roller-coaster ride that we will conquer.

Blessed 1st, babe.