19 January 2013

Just Cos.

I don't usually update or want to write anything on weekends because you know how weekends are very precious for someone who works Monday to Friday. 

Since I'm still awake and he's still playing dota, I might as well do something. 

One of the many things that we talked about (passionately) is Twitter, which we have been on this issue since days ago. I tend to take twitter as my "punching bag" where I update my emotions constantly. Angry. Sad. Excited. Lazy. Disappointed. You name it. And then, he made me realized that it's all pointless and not very mature, which I find it true. And how he also explained an incident/scenario/circumstances in another perspective that I never would be able to see even if it was gonna hurt my feelings. Well, it''s true that truth hurts. Speaking about being thankful to have that someone to be THAT honest to me :)

Must. Use. Social. Media. Wisely. From. Now. Onwards.

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So far, we are enjoying every bit of food blogging. We might be getting our own domain real soon! Do keep up with us :)

Goodnight yous.